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The Program Review Board ("PRB") was established to ensure that funds available to the CPA for the relief and recovery of Iraq are managed on behalf and expended in a manner which meets the interests of the Iraqi people and is consistent with applicable laws and regulations, including United Nations Security Council Resolution 1483 (2003). Appointed by Administrator Bremer, PRB members convene twice a week to review and vote on funding requests. Decisions are made by voting members based on advice of the Program Review Committee ("PRC") which consists of an advisory council and representatives of voting members. Recommendations of the PRB are forwarded to the Administrator for approval and, in order to ensure transparency, these decisions are posted on the internet.

The PRB was established by the Administrator of the Coalition Provisional Authority (CPA) on June 19, 2003 by Regulation Number 3. The Board is responsible for recommending expenditures of resources from the Development Fund for Iraq and three other funding sources defined in the regulation. The PRB is responsible for reviewing and prioritizing requirements and making recommendations on the allocations of these resources.

Meeting Minutes:  دقائق هيئة مراجعة البرامج بالعربي

Approved Funding-Not Updated

PRB Minute Archive:  Prior to 12 August


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