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Program Review Board (PRB) Minutes – Sep. 27, 2003



*Sherri Kraham                                    Acting Chair Director, Program Review Board

*Chris Milligan                         USAID Deputy Mission Director

*Nick Harvey                                       Representative of the UK Government 

COL Paul Hough                          CPA Comptroller     

COL Tony Bell                         CPA – Head of Contracting Activities

LTC Terry Ross                             Coalition Joint Task Force-7 Deputy Comptroller

Al Runnels                                            CPA Chief Financial Officer

*Gerald Thompson                                Representative of National Security and Defense

*George Wolfe                         Director, Economic Development

*Suzanne Schaffrath                                 Representative of CPA - Governance

LTC Andy Hughes                         CPA General Counsel           

*COL Mike Kirsch                          Directorate of Operations

LTC Tim French                          USACE-RIO

MAJ Erik L. Nelson                         USACE-RIO

Nick Horne                                          Ministry of Electricity

            *Voting Member


The following Funding Requests were approved by the Board for recommendation to the Administrator:


#500 –Import of Fuel - $253,000,000 – Funds were approved for the purchase of Liquid Petroleum Gas, Benzene, Kerosene and Diesel to meet the daily needs of the Iraqi population. 


#499 – Purchasing Power from Turkey – $16,381,750 – These funds were approved for a purchase of electricity from Turkey of 55,000 MWH per month through the end of the year.


#502 – Subsistence for Crew of NAVSTAR † These funds were approved for food, subsistence and salaries for the crew of the NAVSTAR vessel which was seized smuggling oil.  The ship’s captain is in the custody of the coalition.  The ship is under detention and but must be maintained until it can be sold.


† Where the publication of approved funding levels may prejudice the competitive contracting processes, these amounts will be redacted.





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