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Program Review Board (PRB) Minutes – Dec. 29, 2003



*Rodney Bent                                    Chair/Co-Director Office of Management & Budget

*Frederick C. Smith                           Acting Senior Advisor for the Office of Security Affairs

*Chris Milligan                          USAID

*Howard Pittman                      Governance (designee)

*COL Mike Kirsch                             Representative of Office of Operations & Infrastructure                                         (Designee)

*Andrew Goledzinowski           Council of International Coordination

*Neil Mules                              Representative of the Australia Government

*Aziz Jaffar Hassam                           Iraq Ministry of Finance Representative

  Kevin Taecher                        CPA – Economic Policy/MOF

  COL James Behring                          CPA – Comptroller

  COL Tony Bell                       CPA – Head of Contracting Activities

  Jesse Pruett                                      Program Review Board - Regional Programs Manager

  Patricia Hatcher                      PMO/DCAA

  MAJ Todd Gondeck                        Coalition Joint Task Force – 7, Deputy Comptroller

  Mary Beale                             CPA - Program Management Office – Budget Officer

  Craig Johnson                         CPA - Program Management Office – Program Engineer

  Dean Stange                                     CPA - Program Management Office – Program Engineer

  Alida Shusara                         CPA – Program Management Office

  Andrew Burns                        CPA – Ministry of Finance

  James Nuttall                                    USAID

  Andrew Alderson                    CPA – South

          *Voting Members


The minutes from the PRB meetings of December 14th and December 20th were approved.



The following Funding Requests were considered by the Board for recommendation to the Administrator:



          #595 – EIP 60 MW Power Generation Al Muthanna - † The Board had a long (40+ minutes) discussion on this proposal.  This discussion centered on using Iraqi funds now instead of waiting for the Supplemental funds.  Advantages and disadvantages were expressed and carefully were heard.  In the end, the Board agreed that this project needed to be done now.  Funds were approved for the construction of a stand alone power generation plant in the Al Muthanna Governance.  The plant will provide electricity to the governorate and also to a cement factory in Al Samawah that will employs 850 and will provide excess electricity to the Iraq Power Grid of over 45MW most of the time.  The property will belong to the Ministry of Electrically.  The cement factory will provide a top grade of cement that is needed in the reconstruction of Iraq



          #593 – New Iraqi Army Equipment for 5th & 6th Battalions - The National Security Affairs office requested that this request be deferred for another week to see if the US Supplemental Funds will be available for this project.  The Board agreed to defer the request.


          #603 – Armored SUVs for the Iraqi Ministries - †  Funds were approved for the purchase of 55 Armor SUVs for the Iraqi Ministers and the Governing Councils members.  These vehicles will provide additional force protection measures for Senior Iraqi officials.


          #602 – Supplemental Ministry of Finance Budget for Hajj - $5,500,000 – Funds were approved pay the cost of the additional allowance of 10,000 Iraqis to travel to Saudi Arabia for the Hajj.  The 2004 budget had only anticipated authority from Saudi Arabia of 25,000.  It additionally, adjusts for the change of Iraqi Dinar to US Dollar exchange rate.


          #600 – Al Shaab Sewer Pump Station - †  The Board authorized the expenditure of previously approved CERP Funds in excess of the $200K threshold to provide a sewage pump station in the D-1 neighborhood of Adhamiyah Municipality. Presently the neighborhood is operating with an open sewage channel sewage concept, which allows raw sewage to flow through the streets.  This neighborhood has never had any other type of sewage system before.  This project will demonstrate the momentum for forward progress by the Baladiya and the coalition forces for the 80,000 residents of the area. 


          #599 – Office of Anti-Corruption & Governmental Integrity Building - †  The Iraq Ministry of Finance representative felt that there was a need to have the complete plan and costs for this new office before the Board approves this request.  The Board agreed to defer this request until the complete plan is presented to the Board.



† Where the publication of approved funding levels may prejudice the competitive contracting processes, these amounts will be redacted.


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