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Program Review Board (PRB) Minutes – Jan 17, 2004



*Col James Behring                              Vice-Chair/CPA - Comptroller

*Frederick C. Smith                             Acting Senior Advisor for the Office of Security Affairs

*Chris Milligan                         USAID

*COL Frank Boynton                          Representative of Office of Operations & Infrastructure                                                             (Designee)

* MAJ Todd Gondeck                         Coalition Joint Task Force – 7, Deputy Comptroller

*Dr Salah                                             Iraq Ministry of Finance Representative

  Faif Dsmi                                            Iraq Ministry of Finance DG Budget

*Stefan Medina                                    Council of International Coordination

*Neil Mules                                          Representative of the Australia Government

*Yusaf Samuiullah                                Representative of the United Kingdom Government

  COL Kay Sommerkamp                    CPA – General Counsel

  Jesse Pruett                                        Program Review Board - Regional Programs Manager

  COL Mathew Mulhern                       CPA – Office of Management & Budget

  Tony McDonald                                 Co-Director Office of Management & Budget

  Mary Beal                                          Program Management Office

  Patricia Hatcher                                  Program Management Office – DCAA

  Richard McPhillips                              Program Management Office – Contract Director

  Aliaa Shikara                                      Program Management Office – Finance

  COL Robert Speer                             Program Management Office - Finance

  LCDR Les Huffman                            Coalition Military Assistant Training Team

  Corey Monaghan                                Office of National Security Affairs

  LTC Rich Diddams                             CPA – Ministry of Interior

  MAJ Rolf H. Watts                            CPA – Office of Strategic Communications

  COL Eric Engelbrektsson                   CPA – Ministry of Finance

  Reed Werner                                      CPA – Office of management & Budget

  BG Peter B. Williams              CPA – Senior Military Advisor CPA – South

  Randall Rueb                                      CPA – Ministry of Transportation

  Tom Keith                                          CPA – Ministry of Trade –Oil for Food

  MAJ Tom Kinton                               CPA – Ministry of Trade –Oil for Food

  B.J Turner                                          CPA – Ministry of Interior

  COL Rand Volmer                             Coalition Jiont Task Force – 7

  COL Donald A Bird                           CPA – RCO

  LTC Mark Ellington                            OPCC – USCENTCOM

  Esther Lauferova                                CPA – Ministry of Planning & Development                                                                  Coordination              

  Kenneth P. Maykowski                      Program Review Board Administrator

            *Voting Members



The minutes from the PRB meetings of January 10, 2004 were approved.



The following Funding Requests were considered by the Board for recommendation to

the Administrator:



#606 – Iraqi Weapons Badge - The request is to establish a Weapons Card system for all Iraqis that own a weapon or are required to have one in performing their duties.  At the PRB meeting on January3, 2004, Mr. Giboney was advised that he needed to have the Iraq Ministry of Interior to coordinate with the Iraq Ministry of Finance. Mr. Giboney could not confirm that the ministries had spoken. The Iraq Ministry of Finance DG Budget also could not confirm that the two Iraqi ministers had spoken and proceeded to explain the importance of coordinating the requests with the Ministry of Finance office.  A motion was made and passed to table until the Iraq Minister of Interior had contacted the Minister of Finance.  Prior to passing this motion, the CJTF-7 representative recommended that the Board vote on the project subject to the Iraqi Ministers of Interior and Finance sourcing the required funding.  The CJTF-7 representative did not believe that the Board should continue to wait until the Iraqis take action because of the potentially dangerous consequences that remain without a reliable weapons-carrying verification system.


            #620 – CPA(S) Integrated SSR Project - This request was approved for the purchase of equipment for the Iraqi Police Service, Iraqi Border Police and the Law Courts.  There is a pressing requirement to invest in equipment for Iraqi security forces in the South in order that local control can be achieved by 1 Apr 04. The CERP program was explained to the Iraqi Ministry of Finance representatives


            #615 – Truck Spare Parts Oil For Food Contract - The request is to purchase truck parts for the Land Transport Company (State owned Enterprise).  A lack of parts have has idled nearly 35% of the fleet.  The Iraq Ministry of Finance DG Budget asked many questions about this SOE.  A motioned was made and passed to table this until the Minister of Transportation talked to the Minister of Finance.


            #619 – Nasiriyah Project - $2,000,000 – The request is to inject $2M into the Dhi Qar area. This PRB was for information only, the funding for this item is in the FY04 Iraqi Budget (PRB 513) under the Regional Emergency Response Fund program.


            #621 – Ministry of Defense Buildings - $1,700,000 - This request was approved to provide funds for cleanup and repairs to two buildings (Vice Presidential Palace & Diwan elementary school) in order to provide facilities for the new Iraqi Ministry of Defense.   .


            #617 – Media Program - $1,500,000 – The request is to fund support for the implementation of Iraq’s current and upcoming initiatives and operations in the media.  The Iraqi Ministry of Finance DG Budget briefed the Board on how the media was handled before the war.  A motion was made and passed to table this request for further study.






            #618 – NGO Assistance Center - $250,000 – The request is to fund the creation of a NGO registration system for NGOs.  The Board felt that the MoPDC should evaluate this requirement and if it is important enough to fund, take it from the 2004 Budget  The request was disapproved.


            #616- Oil for Food Operation Center - $158,320 - The request is to fund the satellite uplink for the four border checkpoints.  The Board felt that the MoT should evaluate this requirement and if it is important enough to fund, take it from the 2004 Budget.  The request was disapproved




† Where the publication of approved funding levels may prejudice the competitive contracting processes, these amounts will be redacted.


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