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Program Review Board (PRB) Minutes - Oct. 28, 2003



*David R. Oliver    Chair/ Director, Office of Management & Budget
*Nick Harvey    Representative of the UK Government
*Andy Bearpark    Directorate of Operations & Infrastructure
COL Paul Hough    CPA Comptroller
*COL Michael Toner    Coalition Joint Task Force-7 Comptroller
*William Block    Representative, Economic Development (designee)
*Gerald B. Thompson    Representative, Office of Security Affairs (designee)
*Maura Connelly    Governance, Deputy Director (designee)
*Neil Mules    Representative of Australia Government
*Andrew Goledzinowski    Director, Council for International Coordination
Rodney Bent    Office of Management & Budget
LTC Terry Ross    Coalition Joint Task Force -7 Deputy Comptroller
James Carrera    CPA Management Liaison Cell
Al Runnels    CPA - Chief Financial Officer
CPT Chris Hempel    Ministry of Trade
LTC Paul Wright    Ministry of Trade
MAJ Robert Van Tersch    Ministry of Trade
Monte Fitch    Ministry of Interior
CMSGT Robinson    Coalition Joint Task Force -7



*Voting Members


The following Funding Requests were considered by the Board for recommendation to the Administrator:


            #538 - 300 Water Tankers for Fire Department - $19,263,153 - The Board disapproved the request and instructed the Ministry of Interior to reprioritize the requirements in their supplemental request to include water tankers.


            #541 - UN Oil for Food Authentication - $8,800,000 - Funds were approved to continue the authentication contract with Cotecna. UN Security Council Resolution 1483 mandated the transition of the Oil for Food program from the UN to the CPA on November 21, 2203 and further required the CPA appoint a third party to authenticate the arrival of OFF goods to Iraq.


            #539 - UN Oil for Food Shipment Security - $7,680,400 - Funds were approved to provide convoy security of the UN Oil for Food shipments coming into Iraq for the next six months.


            #540 - Emergency Spending Authority for CPA Chief of Staff - $1,000,000 - Funds were approved authorizing the Chief of Staff, CPA to request funding directly from the Comptroller's office to support emergency needs for cash in support of Iraq relief and reconstruction requirements. No individual request shall exceed $100K without PRB approval. The Chief of Staff will provide supporting documentation to the Comptroller for retention and documentation. The total of all disbursements under this authority may not exceed $1 million from the date of approval without further authorization from the Board.


            #534 - Government of Iraq Bldg Communications - $409,150 - Dave Oliver asked MAJ Garland if this request could be set aside for a few weeks and he stated yes. Request set aside.


            #523 - Life Support for the New Iraqi Army - $3,000,000 - Mr. Gerald Thompson resubmitted this request to the Board. The Board disapproved the request and directed him to assess the feasibility of waiting for the approval of supplemental US appropriated funds to meet the requirement.


            Al Runnels informed the Board that the cost of shipping DFI cash to Iraq will now have to be picked up with DFI funds. A motion to fund fees associated with future shipments of DFI cash was approved.

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