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Program Review Board (PRB) Minutes – Oct. 08, 2003



*Heidi Venemore                                Representative of the government of Australia

*Nick Harvey                                     Representative of the UK Government 

COL Paul Hough                                CPA Comptroller      

COL Tony Bell                                   CPA – Head of Contracting Activities

*LTC Terry Ross                               Coalition Joint Task Force-7 Deputy Comptroller

*George Wolfe                                    Director, Economic Development

*Suzanne Schaffrath                           Representative of Governance

*COL Mike Kirsch                             Directorate of Operations and Infrastructure, Chief of Staff

*Walt Slocombe                                  Director, Office of Security Affairs (National Security & Defense)                          

James Carrera                                      CPA – Program Management Liaison Cell

Anthony McDonald                           Representative of CPA – Office of Management & Budget

Dan Devlin                                          Representative of CPA – Office of Management & Budget

Hank Bassford                                                CPA – Baghdad, Regional Coordinator

LTC Delgado                                      CPA – Directorate of Operations and Infrastructure

Raad Alkadiri                                      Office of the UK Special Representative


*Voting Members


The Program Review Board reconvened on Wednesday October 8, 2003 to discuss the Iraq 2004 Budget.  Anthony McDonald of the CPA’s Office of Management and Budget led the discussion of the budget.  Mr. McDonald informed the board that the Iraq Minister of Finance was unable to attend due to urgent security matters.


The proposed budget was given to the Iraqi ministries on September 29th for their final review.  The CPA Finance and Budget associates met with the ministers every day since then to go over the budget.  Mr. McDonald stated that Ambassador Bremer has been meeting with the Iraq Governing Council on the budget, which had been given a firm deadline of October 10th to comment, with silence being interpreted as assent.


The board discussed all aspects of the budget at length including revenue projection, various budget assumptions, the number of employees, salary constraints, necessary disclosures and suggested edits.


The board approved the Iraq budget for $13,426,500,000 subject to a possible change by the Administrator in Baghdad's division between operating and capital allotments. 




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