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Program Review Board (PRB) Minutes – Aug 19, 2003




*David Oliver                                       Chair, Director of CPA Office of Management & Budget Sherri Kraham                                                Director, Program Review Board

*Chris Milligan                                     Deputy Director US Agency of International Development

*Neil Mules                                          Representative of the Australian Government

*Andrew Ockenden                                Representative of the UK Government

COL Paul Hough                                                CPA Comptroller

COL Tony Bell                                     CPA – Head of Contracting Activities

Lt Col Terry Ross                                                Coalition Joint Task Force -7 Deputy Comptroller

Al Runnels                                            CPA Chief Financial Officer

*Andy Bearpark                                                CPA Director of Operations

*Peter McPherson                                                Director, Economic Development

Scott Castle                                                  CPA General Counsel

*Tom Krajeski                                     Governance, Deputy Director

COL Joe Schroeder                                Advisor to Oil Ministry Representative

Ludvik Cimburek                                                Office of National Security Defense

John Simmons                                      Representative of the UK Government

*Andrew Goledzinowski                          Deputy Director, Council on International Cooperation

Bruce Quint                                          POC – Ministry Desk

Lee Evey                                                          Senior Advisor Ministry of Housing & Construction    

Nick Horne                                          Commission of Electricity

Sam Kareem                                        Director of Operations & Infrastructure

MAJ Lawrence Howard                                    CPA – Baghdad Central Representative

MAJ Mark Wade                                                Representative of CPA – Contracting Activities

Charlie Greenleaf                                                Representative of CPA – Economic Development

                          * Voting member


            The Board approved the meeting minutes. 


            The Board approved CPA Contracting Guidance, after several weeks of revisions, and thorough consultation.  The Chair briefed the Board on the balance of accounts and budget projects through early 2004.


            The Board approved the following funding requests for recommendation to the Administrator:


#430, Working Toward a Cleaner and Brighter Iraq, $51,308,400 (300,000 jobs program).  The Board approved this job creation initiative which will be implemented in every governorate throughout the country, focusing on problems affecting public life (sewage, rubble removal, garbage, street cleaning).  Funding is allocated according to governorate population. Directorate of Ops & Infrastructure will have a Program Manager oversee the program for the CPA.


#432, Generation of Electrical Power (4400MW), $25M.  The Board approved an additional $25M request to support the Electricity Commission’s plan for getting Iraq to 4400 MW in electrical power (pre-war levels), in addition to the $75M already provided.  Funds will support work and the purchase of parts, executed by the Electricity Commission, working closely with Bechtel which has received funding from USAID for work in the electricity sector.


#426, Generators for Governing Council Building†, The Board approved this request for back up generators for a thirteen story building where the work of the Governing Council and Constitutional Convention is being performed.


#434, Budget for Governing Council, $4,196,682, The Board approved this amount for the operating budget of the Governing Council for the remainder of the year. Among other requirements, the budget funds large requirements for the building, security, and transportation.


#427, Baghdad Zookeeper Compensation, $50,000.  The Board approved a reimbursement of travel and other expenses and stipends for two zookeepers that worked for the past few months restoring the Baghdad Zoo.



† Where the publication of approved funding levels may prejudice the competitive contracting processes, these amounts will be redacted.


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