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Program Review Board (PRB) Minutes – Aug 26, 2003




* Sherri Kraham                                    Acting Chair-Director, Program Review Board             

*Chris Milligan                         Deputy Director, US Agency of International Development   

*Andrew Ockenden                                Representative of the UK Government 

COL Paul Hough                          CPA Comptroller

COL Tony Bell                         CPA – Head of Contract Activities                     

*COL Michael Toner                           Coalition Joint Task Force-7

Lt Col Terry Ross                             Coalition Joint Task Force-7, Comptroller

Amb. Marek Belka                           Director, Council on International Cooperation

*Suzanne Schaffrath                                 Advisor, CPA office of Governance

*Ludvik Cimburek                                 National Security & Defense

John Simmons                                      Representative of the UK Government 

Jessye LaPenn                                      Representative of the Ministry of Trade  

              *Voting member


            Kraham, acting Chair, briefed the new members of the Board about the CPA’s allocation process -- the screening process by the Program Review Board staff, the vetting of the requests at the Program Review Committee (made up of the Board’s advisors CFO, Comptroller, PRB Director, Head of Contracting and representatives from voting members), presentation to the Program Review Board and to the Administrator for approval. 


            The Board considered the following funding request:


#443, USAID Incremental Funding Request, $125M, for three major categories – Economic Development, Community Action Program, and Local Governance program.  Chris Milligan briefed for USAID.  Request to provide incremental funding for grants and contracts that are already underway, including for Bearing Point for Economic Development, for RTI for the Local Governance Program, and the Community Action Program implemented through five international NGOs.  The Board voted to recommend approval to the Administrator.

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