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Program Review Board (PRB) Summary Minutes – February 24, 2004

* Rodney Bent Chairman/Director Office of Management and Budget
* Frederick C. Smith Deputy Senior Advisor for the Office of Security Affairs
* Chris Milligan USAID
* Col Frank Boynton Director, Office of Operations & Infrastructure
* Efraim Cohen Governance
* MAJ Todd Gondeck Representative, Coalition Joint Task Force – 7,
* Dr. Hazim Saed Iraq Ministry of Finance Representative
* Christopher Segar Representative of the United Kingdom Government
* Absent Representative of the Australian Government
COL Clyde Page CMATT C-4
COL Kay Sommerkamp CPA – General Counsel
Jesse Pruett Program Review Board - Regional Programs Manager
COL Jim Behring CPA Comptroller
COL Tony Bell CPA – HCA
LtCol Robert Gurner CPA – Office of Management and Budget
COL Eric Engelbrektsson CPA – Office of Management and Budget
Dr. Salah Iraq Ministry of Finance
Taif Sami Iraq Ministry of Finance
Nick Horne CPA – Ministry of Electricity
Joel Berwick CPA – Ministry of Oil
MAJ Michael Jurus CPA – Baghdad Central
Monica McNight, Esq CPA – Baghdad Central
LTC Walt Davis CPA – Ministry of Municipal and Public Works
Gordon Mott CPA – Ministry of Transportation
Linda Cameron UK Department for International Development
Janusz Sznajder CPA – Council for International Cooperation
COL Bob Speer CPA – Program Management Office

*Voting Members

Approval of the minutes from the PRB meeting of 15 February 2004 was tabled awaiting confirmation that comments from Christopher Segar (British Office Baghdad) were incorporated.

A representative of CPA Comptroller presented the current status of the DFI. As of 19 February, the total amount not yet committed to specific programs was $3,777M. However, those funds have been included as part of the 2004 Iraqi Budget.

The following Program Review Board Requests were presented to the Board for recommendation to the Administrator:

#575 – 10 Transfer Station Clean-Up and Construction - $3,294,750 – A representative of CPA – Baghdad Central briefed the board. This request is a change in scope for effort earlier approved in the 2004 Budget. The original plan included funds to create landfills at five of 10 existing waste dumps within Baghdad. The scope has now changed to create transfer stations at all 10 sites and remove the existing waste to two existing landfills outside the city and mitigate environmental concerns at the 10 sites. The change of scope does not require additional funding from DFI. Any additional funds will be provided from the City Hall budget.
APPROVED – No additional funding required.

#645 –Rapid Regional Response Program (R3P) Replenishment - $100,000,000 – A representative of the CPA – Regional Programs Office briefed the board. The request is for funds included in the Revised 2004 Iraqi budget. This request provides additional funds to the four CPA regions for R3P. These funds will be spent on projects to benefit the Iraqi people in accordance with UN Resolution 1483. The PRB discussed the method for distributing the funds among regions and the period of performance for this initiative. Funds are distributed based on capabilities, past performance and consideration of funding in the initial 2004 Iraqi budget. Projects are to be fully executed by 30 June 04 and plans are in place to achieve this goal.

#646 – Commander’s Emergency Response Fund (CERF) - $10,000,000 – A representative of CMATT briefed the board. Funds are required for emergency requirements that, in the Commanding General, CMATT’s determination, require immediate response to deal with the current situation and allow him to continue to complete the mission of standing up the Iraqi Armed Forces (IAF). This request is for emerging requirements for the development and fielding of the IAF and is not authorized for direct or indirect support of coalition forces. The PRB agreed that CMATT needed flexibility in meeting emerging requirements. However, it was not clear how to provide CG CMATT the funds in advance of Iraqi Relief and Reconstitution Fund (IRRF) being allocated or, if using DFI would be appropriate. The Chair asked the PMO to investigate what flexibility might be in the IRRF and that CPA Ministry of Finance investigate alternatives in providing a these funds and return to the board next week.

#647 – Jobs and Skills Program for Economic Regeneration (JASPER) -- $45,000,000 – A representative of CPA – Ministry of Municipal and Public Works briefed the board. The request is for funds included in the Revised 2004 Iraqi budget. This request was for three separate initiatives. The Jobs Creation Program came into existence in late 2003 and has created approximately 80,000 jobs across the country. This proposal is to extend that program and add components for vocational training and employment initiatives. The board asked whether the JASPER program was linked to the Ministry of Labor and Social Affairs initiatives for job training. MMPW stated that JASPER was, in a sense, a bridge to the longer term MLSA programs. Iraqi MoF stated a concern that JASPER was not creating permanent jobs. A motion was made to approve $15,000,000 for continuation of the Jobs Creation Program and table the rest of the effort until more information was made available about the extent of vocational and employment training envisaged under JASPER. MMPW will return to the PRB next week for further discussion.
APPROVED IN PART ($15,000,000) -- DFI

#648 – Railway Security - $2,400,000 – A representative of CPA – Ministry of Transportation briefed the board. The request is for funds included in the Revised 2004 Iraqi budget. In response to a serious deterioration in the security of the Iraqi Republic Railway (IRR), twenty-five million dollars ($25 million) was added to the Revised 2004 Ministry Budgets. One specific action was to contract with local tribal families to provide security for the IRR in their territory. This action requested an advance of $2.4 million against the Revised 2004 Budget to pay for the first three months, two of which are in arrears. The board inquired as to the impact of this initiative. While several factors are involved, incidents have dramatically decreased since this program was started.

#649 – National Olympic Committee -- $10,000,000 – The Ministry of Youth and Sports (MoYS) was not represented at the PRB. The request is for funds included in the Revised 2004 Iraqi budget. These funds would provide Iraqi sports teams’ resources to prepare for the 2004 Olympic Games in Athens Greece. Teams must travel internationally to qualification events. Also, payments must be made to international sports organizations that sponsor Olympic events. The Iraqi MoF requested that MoYS discuss this request with MoF. The board requests that MoYS return next week to discuss this proposal.

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