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Program Review Board (PRB) Minutes – Sep 2, 2003



*David Oliver                                       Chair, Director of CPA Office of Management & Budget

 Sherri Kraham                         Director, Program Review Board

*Lewis Lucke                                       Deputy Director, US Agency of International Development

*Amb Neil Mules                                 Representative of the Australian Government 

COL Paul Hough                                  CPA Comptroller        

COL Tony Bell                         CPA – Head of Contract Activities

*COL Michael Toner                           Coalition Joint Task Force-7

LTC Terry Ross                                   Coalition Joint Task Force-7, Comptroller

LTC Andy Hughes                               CPA General Counsel

*Ludvic Cimburek                                Office of National Security & Defense

*MG Strock                                         CPA Director of Operation and Infrastructure

*Suzanne Schaffrath                             CPA – Director of Regional Operations

LTC Jim Otwell                                    Representative of the Ministry Labor & Social Affairs   

Charles McFadden                               Representative of CPA South

Duncan Salmon                                    Representative of CPA South

COL Mike Kirsch                                CPA- Director of Regional Operation

                                                  * Voting member


            Minutes from the August 30 meeting were approved.


            The Chair advised members of the Board that due to budget shortages and emergency requirements on power, water, and security, some programs previously approved will be reduced.  The Board will be advised of specific amounts.


            The following funding requests were considered by the Board for recommendation to the Administrator:


            #451, Protective Gear for Firefighters, $5,775,000.00.  This request is for protective personal gear (uniforms, gloves, boots) to enable firefighters in Baghdad to respond to fires more safely. There were several instances of burns and some deaths of firefighters who were working on the UN building because they have no protective uniforms.  The Board recommended this request for approval to the Administrator.


#448, Equipment for Iraqi Civil Defense Corps, $1,562,775.00. CJTF-7 briefed that the requirements for integrating the ICDC into the troops in the southern areas where we have the Multi-National Division would be greater than earlier envisioned and include vehicles to transport the Iraqi troops and some other items.  This equipment is now immediately necessary for the South and the CPA’s office of National Security and Defense will address future requirements in the budget.  The Board recommended this request for approval to the Administrator.


#445, Talsoja Cement Factory, $1,300,000.00.  This request is to address severe shortages of cement due to inoperable facilities and electricity shortages which have driven up the price of cement and made it difficult to procure.  This request is to support repairs and parts for a cement factory in Suleimania.  The Board recommended this request for approval to the Administrator.


#455, Defense Institute International Legal Studies Training Program, $60,000. This request is for appropriated funds to support a DOD training program which will bring instructors to Baghdad for a 3-week training course for Judges, Prosecutors, Investigative Judges and Lawyers who may have to conduct criminal trials to hold accountable members of the former regime. The Governing Council requested the program.  The Board recommended this request for approval to the Administrator.


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