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Program Review Board (PRB) Minutes - Nov. 01, 2003



*Rodney Bent    Chair/ Co-Director, Office of Management & Budget
*Nick Harvey    Representative of the UK Government
COL Paul Hough    CPA Comptroller
*William Block    Representative of Economic Development (Designee)
*Gerald B. Thompson    Representative of Office of Security Affairs (Designee)
*Judy Van Rest    Representative of Governance (Designee)
*Stefan Medina    Rep. of Council for International Coordination (Designee)
*Chris Milligan    Deputy Dir, US Agency for International Development
*LTC Terry Ross    Coalition Joint Task Force -7, Dep. Comptroller (Designee)
James Carrera    Representative of CPA Management Liaison Cell
Al Runnels    CPA - Chief Financial Officer
Jay Hallan    Representative of CPA - Private Sector Development
Billy Lawson Jr.    Representative of CPA - Facility Management
Jack Rintoul    Representative CPA - Ministry of Housing & Construction



*Voting Members


            The October 25, 2003 and October 28, 2003 minutes were approved.


The following Funding Requests were considered by the Board for recommendation to the Administrator:


            #542- External Audit of DFI - Funds were approved to contract for services of an independent accounting firm to perform an audit of the DFI as required by UNSCR 1483. The contractor, to be selected through a full and open competition, must assess whether the methods, procedures, and reports used to administer and report Fund activities adequately support that the CPA is administering the DFI in compliance with UNSCR 1483 and in a transparent manner in accordance with the identified basis of accounting.


            #543 - Baghdad Stock Exchange - $79,245 - A representative of the CPA - Private Sector Development Office briefed the Board. The Financial Services Volunteer Corps (FSVC) requested funding so that the FSVC group can provide assistance to re-establishing the Baghdad Stock Exchange. The board requested a grant submission be prepared before a final vote.


            #519 - Removing Head figures from the Presidential Palace - $35,000 - Funds were approved for the removal of the four Saddam heads from the top of the Presidential Palace. The Iraq Governing Council has concurred that the heads should be removed but final disposition of the heads is not resolved. The Ministry of Culture has requested preservation of the heads but has not identified a storage location.

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