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Program Review Board Meeting – Minutes – August  16, 2003




*David Oliver                           Chair, Director of CPA Office of Management & Budget

Sherri Kraham                          Director, Program Review Board

*Chris Milligan             Deputy Director US Agency of International Development

Jessye LaPenn                          Advisor to Ministry of Trade/ Oil for Food Issues

*Neil Mules                              Representative of the Australian Government 

*Andrew Ockenden                    Representative of the UK Government 

COL Paul Hough              CPA Comptroller

COL Tony Bell             CPA – Head of Contract Activities

MAJ Steve Hopper                        Coalition Joint Task Force-7

LTC Steve Ross                 Coalition Joint Task Force-7 Comptroller

Al Runnels                                CPA Chief Financial Officer

*Walt Slocombe                     National Security & Defense Senior Advisor

*Andy Bearpark                      CPA Director of Operations

*Peter McPherson                   Director, Economic Development

Scott Castle                                CPA General Counsel

                          * Voting member


The Board approved the previous meeting’s Minutes for publication.


The Chair briefed two reprogramming actions which do not yet require Board approval.  CPA’s Office of Management and Budget (OMB) was directed by the Administrator to reprogram funds for requirements in oil and electricity and OMB is seeking to re-direct funds from other ministries which will not draw down these funds immediately.  This part of the reallocation does not require Board approval; funding requests from the receiving entity to which the funds will be applied will require approval.  This issue will be taken up at a future meeting.


The Chair briefed the Board on an expenditure of the newly independent Central Bank to be carried out with its own funds.  The Central Bank is seeking to improve connectivity with its banks and will contract for a satellite based system.  The Central Bank has approximately $300M of its own assets and the challenge is preserving these funds as a reserve for the Bank given all of the critical funding requirements of the Bank.


Contracting Guidance will be voted on at the next meeting to incorporate a grandfathering of the Commander’s Emergency Response Program (CERP) and allow the CERP to be administered in accordance with Fragmentary Order that CJTF-7 previously propagated directing procedures for executing the CERP.  And, at the Chairman’s suggestion, the new guidance will have a protest mechanism in place which will not result in the suspension of any contracting activities during resolution of any protests.

Funding Requests: 


#423 – Compensation for Councilors – A funding request from the Public Works Ministry, under which municipal authorities all around the country fall, submitted a request for the salary payments of Governors, Governorate Council Members, Mayors and City Councilors.  This will help to empower these authorities of local government who have been critical in turning on key municipal services all over the country.  This will be taken up at a vote at the next meeting to ensure consistency with a new salary scale. 

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