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Program Review Board (PRB) Minutes Oct. 04, 2003



*Sherri Kraham Acting Chair/ Director, Program Review Board

*Chris Milligan USAID Deputy Mission Director

*Nick Harvey Representative of the UK Government

COL Paul Hough CPA Comptroller

COL Tony Bell CPA Head of Contracting Activities

*COL Michael Toner Coalition Joint Task Force-7 Comptroller

LTC Terry Ross Coalition Joint Task Force-7 Deputy Comptroller

*George Wolfe Director, Economic Development

*Suzanne Schaffrath Representative of CPA Governance

*Kamil Al-Gallani Iraq Minister of Finance

Hazem Al-Said Iraq Deputy General of Budget

*Walter Slocombe Director, National Security & Defense

COL Mike Kirsch Director of Operations Chief of Staff

Hank Bassford CPA Baghdad

Steve Weedman 4th Infantry Division Liaison

Jack Rintoul Senior Advisor Ministry of Housing & Construction

Tony McDonald Office of Management & Budget

Rania A Farhail Interpreter

*Voting Members


The Minister of Finance, Kamil Al-Gallani, gave an overview of the status of the 2004 budget process.


The following Funding Requests were approved by the Board for recommendation to the Administrator:


#490 Supplemental Funding for the 2003 Budget - $750,000 Funds were approved to cover the operational costs of the three new ministries (Ministry of Environment, Ministry of Human Rights, and Ministry of Migration and Displaced Persons) through the end of the year,


#503 Military Stipend Pay Site Administration Costs - $647,310 Funds were approved to continue the operation and maintenance of the nine sites that administer the military stipend payments. The next scheduled payments are 1-24 December, 2003.


#508 Baghdad School Teacher/Parent Program -$1,243,500 Funds were approved for small grants to 1658 schools which have not been renovated in Baghdad for projects developed by the schools headmasters and parent/teacher groups.


#505 - Dohuk Central Prison Construction - $1,000,000 The board approved the expenditure of Construction Initiative funds under local Projects to complete the construction of a multi-complex, multi-use confinement facility that was discontinued in 2001 due to a lack of funds. The project is 40% complete. The local Kurdish authorities will provide matching funds up to $1,000,000.

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