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Program Review Board (PRB) Minutes – Aug 30, 2003




*David Oliver                           Chair, Director of CPA Office of Management & Budget

Sherri Kraham                          Director, Program Review Board

*Lewis Lucke                           Deputy Director, US Agency of International Development   

*Amb Neil Mules               Representative of the Australian Government 

COL Paul Hough              CPA Comptroller

COL Tony Bell             CPA – Head of Contract Activities

*Lt Col Terry Ross                 Coalition Joint Task Force-7, Comptroller

*CAPT Timothy McGee CPA – Director of Operations & Infrastructure

*Walt Slocombe                     National Security & Defense Senior Advisor

*Andrew Goledzinowski            Deputy Director Council on International Cooperation

*Suzanne Schaffrath                     Advisor, CPA office of Governance

Nick Horne                              Representative of CPA –Electricity Commission

B-G Bob Crear                        CPA – Task Force RIO

LTC Tim French              CPA – Task Force RIO

Larry Rogers                            CPA – Task Force RIO

*Bill Block                               CPA – Economic Affairs

LTC Danny Woodyard            Representative of CPA – Ministry of Agriculture

COL Leonardo Flor                  US Core of Engineers

MAJ Andrew Petretti             US Core of Engineers

Gary Vogler                             Advisor to Ministry of Oil

COL Mike Kirsch              PA – Director of Regional Operations

                          * Voting member


            Previous minutes were approved.


            The following funding and reprogramming Requests were approved by the Board for recommendation to the Administrator:


            #425, Electricity Commission Police, $4,752,372.00. Funds are required for the hiring of 25,000 additional Electricity Police to protect the electrical infrastructure and for radios for the Electricity Police to increase their capacity to respond to attacks against the infrastructure.  This request was thoroughly vetted with the budget group working on salaries to ensure consistency.  The request was recommended for approval.


#442, Agriculture Support Project, $240,000.  Funds are requested for equipment such as forklifts and weighing equipment to in anticipation of the arrival of approximately $700M supplies and commodities such as fertilizer, to be imported under Oil-for-Food contracts.  The request was recommended for approval.


#450, Constitutional Committee, $52,090.  Funds are requested for the Governing Council’s Constitutional Committee travel and related expenses for consultation trips throughout the country on the constitution.  The Board noted that the recently approved Governing Council’s budget did not include requirements for the Constitutional Committee.  The request was recommended for approval.


Kraham presented 3 Reprogramming Requests. Additional funds not required, changing funding source due to the lack of availability of cash:


#398, Police Equipment - Of the $90M authorized (funding source to be either appropriated or DFI), the CPA’s Ministry of Interior team needs an immediate disbursal of $5M.  This request is for the reprogramming of $5M from appropriated or DFI (to be determined) to vested funds.  The request was recommended for approval.


#399, Restore Oil Infrastructure. $1.4M required for payments here in country, request $1.4M out of $300M to be funded from vested account, rather than DFI, for immediate disbursal. There was discussion about whether this move was actually needed considering we will now have DFI cash available here for disbursement.  Oliver: Recommend approval, conditional, if needed. Approved.


#352, Restore Oil Infrastructure - $711,000,000.  A request for $962M was previously approved from US appropriated funding sources but only $250M of funding has been made available.  This request is for $711M to be authorized from the DFI, requiring a new recommendation and approval from the Administrator.  The discussion was deferred to another meeting until immediate requirements could be determined, as well as a full accounting of funds available under the National Risk Resource Remediation Fund.


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