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Program Review Board (PRB) Minutes – Nov. 29, 2003



*Sherri Kraham                                    Acting Chair/Program Review Board, Director

*Frederick C. Smith                             Acting Senior Advisor for the Office of Security Affairs

*COL Mike Kirsch                              Representative of Office of Operations & Infrastructure                                                             (Designee)

*Judy Van Rest                                    Representative of Governance (Designee)

*LTC Terry Ross                                 Coalition Joint Task Force -7, Deputy Comptroller

*Heidi Venamore                                 Representative of the Australian Government

*Andrew Golednizowski                       Council of International Coordination (Designee) 

*Yusaf Samiullah                                  Representative of the United Kingdom

  Greg Buckley             CPA – General Counsel

  COL James Behring                           CPA Comptroller

  COL Tony Bell                                   CPA – Head of Contracting Activities

  Patricia Hatcher                                  Representative of CPA Management Liaison Cell

  Don Fithian                                         Program Management Office – Comptroller

  Mary Beal                                          Program Management Office – Budget Officer             

  Jesse Pruett                                        Program Review Board, Regional Programs Manager

  Bob McKee                                       CPA – Senior Advisor Ministry of Oil

  Larry Rogers                                      Task Force Restore Iraqi Oil

  MAJ Erik Nelson                               Task Force Restore Iraqi Oil

  Jeff Haberman                                    CPA – South Central

  COL Tom O’Donnell             Task Force – Shield

   CPT Jacyn Dembrosky                      CPA – Comptroller Office


              *Voting Members


            The November 22, 2003 minutes were approved with small modifications*


The following Funding Requests were considered by the Board for recommendation to the Administrator:



            #568 – Fuel Imports - $425,000,000 – Funds were approved for the emergency import of LPG, Benzene, Kerosene and Diesel to help meet the domestic daily needs of these fuels.  This request is to fund fuel import requirements through the end of January 2004.  Task Force Restore Iraqi Oil (TF RIO) is working with Defense Energy Support Center (DESC) and SOMO (Southern Oil Marketing Organization) to fulfill the Iraqis fuel imports requirements until a new contract could be competitively awarded.  DESC was out to Iraq to study the requirements and will get back with TF RIO shortly on their procurement capabilities.  SOMO will likely purchase up to $100 M. 


            #570 – Oil Infrastructure & Security - Funds were approved for the contracting of air surveillance security of the oil pipelines in Iraq.  The contractor will provide two aircrafts with the Air Scan system for night patrolling of the pipelines.  The equipment will be link with a ground station in order to provide a quick reaction to any threat identified by the low-light television sensors mounted on the craft. 


            #456 – Replenishment of Rapid Regional Response Program - $10,000,000 – Funds were approved to provide $10M more to CPA – South Central’s Rapid Regional Response Program as was committed to them by Ambassador Bremer earlier. 


            #417– CPA Rewards - $310,200 – Funds were approved to pay for the printing of poster-sized stickers, handbill and small (bumper) stickers listing rewards being offer by CPA for information and the capture of Saddam and his sons, soliciting of info on anti-Coalition activities, and soliciting info on damaging of Iraqi infrastructure.  The materials were contracted for in August but the bill was never paid.


            The Board was informed in regard to PRB#559 & PRB#560 that the ministries will be able to sustain the operating & recurring costs on the trucks.  The Board was also informed that the Regional Program Manager was still waiting for an answer from one of the donors’ representatives on whether or not these trucks can be part of their donor program.


† Where the publication of approved funding levels may prejudice the competitive contracting processes, these amounts will be redacted.





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