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Program Review Board Minutes – Nov. 15, 2003



*Rodney Bent

Chair/ Co-Director, Office of Management & Budget

*William Block

Representative of Economic Development (designee)

*John Tesh

Representative of Office of Security Affairs (Designee)

COL Mike Kirsch

Representative of Office of Operations & Infrastructure

*Judy Van Rest

Representative of Governance (Designee)

COL Michael Toner

Coalition Joint Task Force -7, Comptroller

*Amb Neil Mules

Representative of the Australian Government

COL James Behring

CPA Comptroller

COL Tony Bell

CPA - Head of Contracting Activities

Patricia Hatcher

Representative of CPA Management Liaison Cell

Don Fithian

Program Management Office - Comptroller

Sherri Kraham

Program Review Board, Director

Jesse Pruett

Program Review Board, Regional Programs Manger

Pamela Fessenden

Representative of Ministry of Trade

COL Robert Klein


MAJ Chris Kuduk



              *Voting Members


            The November 11, 2003 minutes were approved.


The following Funding Requests were considered by the Board for recommendation to the Administrator:

#553 –PDS Food Procurement and Transport Funding - $110,000,000 – Funds were approved for the purchase of one month supply of priority goods for monthly distribution under the Public Distribution System in order to create a “buffer” one month supply. The priority commodities that are needed are hard wheat, vegetable oil, infant formula, tea and rice.This is advance from the 2004 budget.

#555 – Security of Governing Council Housing - $1,259,204 – Funds were approved for the reconstruction and repair of the Governing Council residency grounds, guard shacks and management facilities.The security of the compound will be upgraded with additional T-Walls and mylar film for the windows of the villas. 

#556– Iraqi Civil Defense Corp Bridging Funds - $ 5,812,244 – Funds were approved for the acceleration and increase of the ICDC forces as directed by CENTCOM and the National Command Authority for security and stability in equipment and uniforms will be purchased for the additional 18 battalions and salaries will be provided for the continued training and recruitment of the ICDC forces. 

[Note: This request was approved for $1,702,500 by the Administrator]


Repair of Iraqi Civil Defense Headquarters - $111,156 – Funds were approved for the repairing of the Iraqi Civil Defense Headquarters building in Baghdad.

[Note: the funding request was not sent forward to the Administrator, as it will be funded under the Construction Initiative Program.]


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