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Program Review Board (PRB) Minutes – Jan.03, 2004



*Rodney Bent                                      Chair/Co-Director Office of Management & Budget

*Frederick C. Smith                             Acting Senior Advisor for the Office of Security Affairs

*Chris Milligan                         USAID

*Howard Pittman                                 Governance (designee)

*COL Mike Kirsch                              Representative of Office of Operations & Infrastructure                                                             (Designee)

* COL Michael Toner                          CJTF-7 Comptroller

*Andrew Goledzinowski                       Council of International Coordination

*Neil Mules                                          Representative of the Australia Government

*Aziz Jaffar Hassam                             Iraq Ministry of Finance Representative

  COL James Behring                           CPA – Comptroller

  COL Tony Bell                                   CPA – Head of Contracting Activities

  COL Kathryn Sommerkamp               CPA – General Counsel

  Jesse Pruett                                        Program Review Board - Regional Programs Manager

  MAJ Todd Gondeck                          Coalition Joint Task Force – 7, Deputy Comptroller

  COL Mathew Mulhern                       CPA – Ministry of Finance

  COL Rand Vollmer                            CJTF -7 OPS

  COL David W. Brown                       CJTF – 7

  MAJ Phillip Hicks                               CPA – Facility Management Office

  MAJ Eric Nelson                                Task Force Restore Iraqi Oil

  Mike Ensch                                        Task Force Restore Iraqi Oil

  S. Turner                                            Task Force Restore Iraqi Oil

  B. J. Turner                                        CPA – Ministry of Interior

  Thomas Giboney                                CPA – Regional Coordination Office

  MAJ Thomas Kinton              CPA – Ministry of Trade

  LTC Joseph Morgan                          CPA – Ministry of Housing & Reconstruction

  Hugh B. Tant III                                 CPA – Ministry of Finance -ICE

            *Voting Members


The minutes from the PRB meetings of December 29th were approved.



The following Funding Requests were considered by the Board for recommendation to the Administrator:


            #605 – Emergency Response Pipeline Repair - $25,000,000 – Mike Ensch of Task Force RIO briefed the Board.  The Board discussed this request for over forty minutes.  The Board felt that the proposal make good sense to do and will benefit the Iraqis but they felt that they needed more detail information before they could vote on it.  The Board agreed to do an Electronic Vote on this request once a revised request is submitted to the PRB office.  The PRB office will provide the Iraq Ministry of Finance a hard copy of the revise PRB and allow a two day turnaround time for a written request from the Iraq Ministry of Finance.

(Note: PRB approved on January 8th, 2004)

            #606 – Iraqi Weapons Badge - $6,200,000 – Thomas Giboney of CPA – Requirements Coordination Office briefed the Board.  The request is to establish a Weapons Card system for all Iraqis that own a weapon or are require to have one in performing their duties.  The board asked Mr. Giboney many questions.  After 40 minutes of discussion the Board felt that this should be part of the Iraq 2004 Budget.  Mr. Giboney was advised that he needed to have the Iraq Ministry of Interior to coordinate with the Iraq Ministry of Finance and all the other Ministries to see if a complete ID program can be developed for Iraq.    


            #610 – Iraq Currency Exchange - $5,606,500 – Hugh B. Tant III of the CPA – Ministry of Finance Iraqi Currency Exchange Team briefed the Board.  The request is to fund the contract to print an addition two Trillion Dinars for the Central Bank of Iraq reserves.  Unforeseen economic influences have resulted in the currency exchange program having to draw upon a considerable percentage of the CBI reserves prior to the exchange period deadline.   Several Board members wanted to knew why this requirement was not being recompeted for contract award.  Because of the need for the currency now the Board felt that the same contractor would have to be used.  Approved - DFI


            #611 – CPA Ministry of Housing & Construction Initiative - $5,544,663 - LTC Joe Morgan, CPA – Ministry of Housing & Construction briefed the Board.  The Board

authorized the expenditure of previously approved Construction Initiative Funds and the reallocation of $2,908,156 from MoHC Ongoing Contracts list (PRB@221B) to the MoHC Ministry of Reconstruction program (PRB#221A).  The request increased the total amount of Ongoing Contracts by $5,544,663.  This leaves a balance of future Ongoing Contracts to be approved by the Board at $1,455,337.  Approved – Construction Initiative


            #608 – Oil for Food Operations Center - $54,300 - Since the request is less then $200,000, the Board approved the funds without any discussion.  The funds will covered the OFF Operating Center operating costs and provide Life Support for the Border Teams.  Approved - Seized


            #609 – Purchase of Heads at Peace Palace - $25,000 – Since the request is less then $200,000, the Board approved the funds without any discussion.  The funds will reimbursed a contractor for taking the Heads of the Peace Palace.  Approved – Seized






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