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Program Review Board (PRB) Minutes Sep 1, 2003

Emergency Meeting




*David Oliver Chair, Director of CPA Office of Management & Budget

Sherri Kraham Director, Program Review Board

*Lewis Lucke Deputy Director, US Agency of International Development

*Amb Neil Mules Representative of the Australian Government

COL Tony Bell CPA Head of Contract Activities

*COL Michael Toner Coalition Joint Task Force-7

*MG Carl Strock CPA Director of Operations and Infrastructure

*Walt Slocombe National Security & Defense Senior Advisor

*Suzanne Schaffrath CPA Director of Regional Operations

B-G Bob Crear CPA Task Force RIO

LTC Tim French CPA Task Force RIO

Larry Rogers CPA Task Force RIO

Gary Vogler CPA Oil

* Voting member


An emergency meeting was held and the following funding requests were approved for recommendation to the Administrator:


#444, USAID Incremental Funding, $350M. The Board recommended approval an incremental increase for USAID to do nine additional high priority infrastructure projects in electricity and water/sanitation.


#446, Import of Fuel, $245M. The Board previously approved requests for $90M per month for the import of fuel (benzene, LPG and kerosene) for use by the Iraqi public. The monthly amount required increased to $223M, in order to meet immediate needs and to start to build a reserve. The request for $879M projected several months requirements, however, the Board approved only a monthly requirement plus a small reserve ($245M) in order to assess the requirements monthly.


Reprogramming Request:


#352, Restore Iraqi Infrastructure, $711M. The Board considered the request from Task Force RIO for changing the funding source from appropriated funds to the Development Fund of Iraq a previously approved request (#352, total amount approved $962M). $251M was already provided from the Natural Resource Risk Remediation Fund (NRRRF), an appropriated funds account. TF RIO indicated that $711M is outstanding and required but of that amount $466M was immediately required to complete projects under Phase I. The Board identified $500M as remaining available from two appropriated accounts - the Iraq Reconstruction and Relief Fund (IRRF) and the NRRRF and therefore the requirement was approved to come from the appropriated funds. A new vote may be required for the remaining amount $211M but this was deferred.


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