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Program Review Board (PRB) Minutes - Jan.24, 2004


* Rodney Bent Chairman/Director Office of Management and Budget

* Frederick C. Smith Acting Senior Advisor for the Office of Security Affairs

* Chris Milligan USAID

* Andy Bearpark Representative of Office of Operations & Infrastructure

* H. Dean Pittman Governance

* Michael Toner Coalition Joint Task Force - 7, Comptroller

* Dr Aziz Iraq Ministry of Finance Representative

* Stefan Medina Council of International Coordination

* Yusaf Samuiullah Representative of the United Kingdom Government

Col James Behring CPA - Comptroller

COL Kay Sommerkamp CPA - General Counsel

Jesse Pruett Program Review Board - Regional Programs Manager

Tony Bell CPA - HCA

Patricia W Hatcher CPA - Program Review Office - DCAA

Mary L. Beal CPA - Program Management Office

Kenneth P. Maykouski PRB Administrator

Reed Werner CPA - Office of Management and Budget

COL Mathew Mulhern CPA - Office of Management and Budget

Mike Ensch CPA - Task Force Rio

Ted Morse Regional Coordinator - Baghdad

Larry Howard Baghdad Central

Michael Jurus Baghdad Central

Salah H. Ministry of Finance Representative

Taif Sami Ministry of Finance Representative

Heidi Grant Centcom CCJ8

Kenneth Hubbard Joint Chiefs of Staff - J8

COL Paul Hough Centcom - CCJ8 - FM

COL Karen Dyson Office of Sec. Army

Ellen Maldonado Office of Sec Def (Comptroller)

Wes Miller Office of Sec Army (Comptroller)

Eric Engelbrektsson CPA - Ministry of Finance

Linnea Bohn Department of State - RM

Robert Nassif Office of Management and Budget (Washington)

Mike Casella Office of Management and Budget (Washington)

Don Simmons Jr Dept of State Disbursement Oversight

Stephen Hartwell Dept of State - Near Eastern Affairs - Budget

Paul Hutter Office of the Secretary of Defense - DOD Transition Team

Tom Kerr Office of the Secretary of Defense - Comptroller

Paul Hislop Dep. Regional Coordinator - Baghdad

Doug Pitkin CPA - Rear (Washington)

Eric Hembree Dept of State - Resource Management

Roberto Rodriguez Office of the Secretary of Defense

Todd Gondeck CJTF-7 C8

Sharon Turner Task Force-RIO

MAJ Joy Griffith Defense Energy Supply Center

LTC Steven Grace Defense Energy Supply Center

*Voting Members


The minutes from the PRB meetings of January 17, 2004 were approved.


The following Program Review Board Requests were presented to the Board for recommendation to the Administrator:

#622 - Fuel Imports - $635,000,000 - Mike Ensch of CPA - Task Force RIO (Restore Iraqi Oil) briefed the Board. This request is for the emergency import of LPG, Benzene, Kerosene and Diesel to help meet the domestic daily needs of these fuels. This request is to fund fuel import requirements through the end of April 2004. Task Force Restore Iraqi Oil (TF RIO) is working with Defense Energy Support Center (DESC) and SOMO (Southern Oil Marketing Organization) to fulfill the Iraqis fuel imports requirements until a new contract could be competitively awarded. On April 1, 2004, DESC will execute that portion of the import mission currently assigned to KBR. SOMO will likely purchase up to $40M. Approved - DFI

#606 - Iraqi Weapons Badge - $6,200,000 - Rodney Bent briefed the Board and recommended that an extraordinary PRB Board meeting be held during the week of 25 January 2004 for representatives from the Ministry of Finance, Ministry of Interior, and CTJF-7 to convene and find agreement on next steps for the proposal.

#623 - War Hulk Removal Program - $966,722 - Ted Morse, CPA - Baghdad Central briefed the Board. This request is to pay the remaining debts to contractors who have removed war hulks last summer and to fund the hulks left in the city. The initial CPA Baghdad Central hulk removal budget was not sufficient to complete the war hulk removal. The following was approved: all contracts for previous work completed will be paid in full, while we will seek concessionary contracts for all removals remaining to be done. Lastly, it was recommended that a uniform policy - country wide - of hulk removal be discussed at the next Regional Commanders Conference. Approved - Seized.

#565 - Printing Press for Najaf - $522,250 - This request is to provide funds for the contract to move a printing press that was seized Iraqi property from an unusable location to a more suitable Al Najaf facility and upgrade to accommodate digital input. Since CPA - South entered into an unauthorized commitment on this request, a Action Memo subject “Ratification of Purchase of Printing Press” dated January 19, 2004 was submitted from the Office of General Counsel to the Acting Administrator for his approval. Approved - R3P (Rapid Regional Response Program). The Action Memo was approved on January 20, 2004. Briefing was for informational purposes only.


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