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Program Review Board (PRB) Minutes– Aug 22, 2003

Emergency Meeting




*David Oliver                           Chair, Director of CPA Office of Management & Budget 

Sherri Kraham                          Director, Program Review Board

*Chris Milligan                         Deputy Director US Agency of International Development

*Andrew Ockenden                    Representative of the UK Government 

COL Paul Hough              CPA Comptroller

Lt Col Terry Ross                 Coalition Joint Task Force-7

*Timothy McGee             CPA-Director of Operations & Infrastructure   

*Peter McPherson                   Director, Economic Development

Scott Castle                                CPA General Counsel

James Carrera                          CPA – Pentagone Management Liaison Cell

COL Ed Martin                          Defense Contracting 

*Ludvik Cimburek                     National Security & Defense

John Simmons                          Representative of the UK Government 

*Andrew Goledzinowski            Deputy Director, Council on International Cooperation

COL Mike Kirsch              Director of Operations

Cliff Aims                                 Advisor to Ministry of Interior

Carr Trevillian                           Advisor to Ministry of Interior

                          * Voting member


            A Program Review Board meeting was convened to consider several urgent requests and approved the following for recommendation to the Administrator:


#437, Police Training & Development Program, $18M, The Board approved an initial down payment to start several large programs including Police Recruitment and Selection, Police Training, Police Institutional Reform and Development, and Development of Police Operational Capacities (to deal with organized crime).


#428, National Micro Credit Program, The Board supported a micro-credit lending program to governorates not included in the earlier program.  This will likely be funded through several organizations to be selected through a competitively bid process.


#440, Support for the Currency Exchange, $51M.  The Board approved support for the exchange which is to occur on 15 October.  Logistical and security plans will begin execution in September. This provides funding for an airfreight contract to bring funds into locations within Iraq, accounting machines, support and salaries for security and financial personnel to do the exchange.


†Where the publication of approved funding levels may prejudice the competitive contracting processes, these amounts will be redacted.


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