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Program Review Board (PRB) Minutes Nov. 11, 2003



*Rodney BentChair/ Co-Director, Office of Management & Budget
*William BlockRepresentative of Economic Development (designee)
*Gerald B. ThompsonRepresentative of Office of Security Affairs (Designee)
*Chris MilliganDeputy Dir, US Agency for Intl Development (designee)
*Andrew BearpakDirector of Operations & Infrastructure
*Judy Van RestRepresentative of Governance (Designee)
*LTC Terry RossCoalition Joint Task Force -7, Dep. Comptroller (Designee)
COL Paul HoughCPA Comptroller
COL Tony BellCPA - Head of Contracting Activities
Patricia HatcherRepresentative of CPA Management Liaison Cell
Al RunnelsCPA Chief Financial Officer
Kay SummerkampRepresentative of CPA General Counsel
Don FithianManagement Office - Comptroller
MAJ Thomas KintonRepresentative of Ministry of Trade
LTC Kevin RossRepresentative of Ministry of Oil
Gary VoglerRepresentative of Ministry of Oil
LTC Tim FrenchTask Force Restore Iraqi Oil
Larry RogersTask Force Restore Iraqi Oil
MAJ Erik NelsonTask Force Restore Iraqi Oil
BG Robert CrearTask Force Restore Iraqi Oil
Pamela FessendenRepresentative of Ministry of Trade
MAJ Robert Van TerschRepresentative of Ministry of Trade
David WallaceRepresentative of Ministry of Trade
John WestunRepresentative of Ministry of Trade
Corey MonaghanRepresentative of Office of Security Affairs
COL James BehringCPA Comptroller
MAJ William MoxleyRepresentative of CPA General Counsel
MAJ Steve Weedman4ID Liaison Officer to CPA

*Voting Members


The November 8, 2003 minutes were approved.

The following Funding Requests were considered by the Board for recommendation to the Administrator:


#551 Fuel Imports - $125,000,000 Funds were approved for the emergency import of

LPG, Benzene, Kerosene and Diesel to help meet the domestic daily needs of these fuels. This request is to fund the needs for the next two weeks. Task Force Restore Iraqi Oil is exploring the option of using Defense Energy Support Center (DESC) contracts and SOMO (Southern Oil Marketing Organization) contracts to fulfill the Iraqis fuel imports requirements until a new contract could be competitively awarded.


#550 CERP Final Push Up - $36,500,000 - Funds were approved to support CJTF-7 CERP program until funds can be made available from appropriated resources


#548 The New Iraqi Army Taji Life Support - $1,500,000 Funds were approved to provide life support operations for the initial New Iraqi Army Officer candidates and the second NIA Battalion at Taji Military Base.


#549 - The New Iraqi Army Taji Warehousing Facility - $400,000 Funds were approved to set up a basic warehousing facility for the New Iraqi Army in Taji.


#552 Export Development Corp etal V. Republic of Iraq - $825,000 Funds were authorized to make a settlement agreement in the amount of value of two properties that are set to be auctioned off if a settlement can not reached. In 1996, Export Development Corp (EDC) won a judgment against Iraq in Canada based on non-payment of a contract debt. In order to partially satisfy the judgment, EDC has attached liens to two properties (formerly Consular offices) in Montreal owned by the Iraqi Ministry of Foreign Affairs.


#545 Oil for Food Operation Center - $20,000 The funding request was approved to purchase a software program that can provide fast and accurate information to all parties in this process of safe and timely delivery of inbound Oil for Food goods shipments.


#536 Overtime Pay for Forum Workers - $4,940 The funding request was approved for the overtime pay of Iraqi workers at the Forum through the end of 2003. Maintenance workers must be there on weekends to keep the power on and their functions in the evenings. All Overtime for CPA functions events were paid by CPA funds.






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