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Program Review Board (PRB) Minutes - Nov. 08, 2003



*Sherri Kraham    Acting Chair/ Director, Program Review Board
*Gerald B. Thompson    Representative of Office of Security Affairs (Designee)
*Chris Milligan    Deputy Dir, US Agency for Intl Development (designee)
*Andrew Bearpak    Director of Operation & Infrastructure
*Judy Van Rest    Representative of Governance (Designee)
*LTC Terry Ross    Coalition Joint Task Force -7, Dep. Comptroller (Designee)
*Andrew Goledzinowski    Director, Council for International Coordination
COL Paul Hough    CPA Comptroller
COL Tony Bell    CPA - Head of Contracting Activities
James Carrera    Representative of CPA Management Liaison Cell
Patricia Hatcher    Representative of CPA Management Liaison Cell
Al Runnels    CPA - Chief Financial Officer
LTC Andy Hughes    Representative of CPA - General Counsel
COL Kay Summerkamp    Representative of CPA - General Counsel
Hank Bassford    Regional Coordinator CPA - Baghdad
1LT A Heather Coyne    Representative of CPA - Baghdad
Don Fithian    Program Management Office - Comptroller



*Voting Members


            The November 1, 2003 minutes were approved.


The following Funding Requests were considered by the Board for recommendation to the Administrator:


            #544- Baghdad Women's Centers Foundation - $1,400,000 - Spending authority was approved for CPA's Baghdad region to fund a grant under the Rapid Regional Response program. The grant will provide support for 18 months to establish the Baghdad Women's Centers Foundation's headquarters and one center in each of Baghdad's nines districts. The women's centers will offer a wide range of training opportunities and social services: vocational training in support of other CPA activities: Micro Credit Program, Income Generation Projects and Small Business Development programs, educational programs, rights awareness, elections, campaigning, and general advocacy training, social service referral (legal and benefits counseling, referrals to police and shelter systems in cases of abuse, honor crimes, etc).


            #547 - Mylar Film for the Forum Funds were approved for the purchase and installation of mylar film on all windows at the Iraqi Convention Center. The Center (Forum) has approximately 25,000 square feet of glass. If a terrorist attack happens, the Center becomes a potentially hazardous place to the occupants of the building. In the event of an explosion, the mylar will minimize the shattering of glass and reduce casualties.

Where the publication of approved funding levels may prejudice the competitive contracting processes, these amounts will be redacted.

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