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Program Review Board (PRB) Minutes – Nov. 22, 2003



*Rodney BentChair/ Co-Director, Office of Management & Budget
*Olin WethingtonRepresentative of Economic Development (Designee)
*Gerald B. ThompsonRepresentative of Office of Security Affairs (Designee)
*Chris MilliganUSAID
*COL Mike KirschRepresentative of Office of Operations & Infrastructure
*Judy Van RestRepresentative of Governance (Designee)
*LTC Terry RossCoalition Joint Task Force -7, Deputy Comptroller
*Heidi VenamoreRepresentative of the Australian Government
*Andrew GolednizowskiCouncil of International Coordination (Designee)
*Yusaf SamiullahRepresentative of the United Kingdom
COL Kathryn SummerkampCPA – General Counsel
COL James BehringCPA Comptroller
COL Tony BellCPA – Head of Contracting Activities
Patricia HatcherRepresentative of CPA Management Liaison Cell
Don FithianProgram Management Office - Comptroller
Sherri KrahamProgram Review Board, Director
Jesse PruettProgram Review Board, Regional Programs Manager
COL Pamela BradyCJTF-7 82nd ABN DIV Liaison Office
LTC Darren TolaCJTF-7 82nd ABN DIV Liaison Office

              *Voting Members


            The November 15, 2003 minutes were approved with small modifications*


The following Funding Requests were considered by the Board for recommendation to the Administrator:


            #557 – Sunni Engagement - $10,000,000 – Funds were approved for the  implementation of the CPA, CJTF-7 and 82nd ABN Division Sunni Engagement Strategy for Al Anbar Governorate.  Funds were requested a range of high-visibility, quick-impact projects to engage and enfranchise Iraqis and some larger public works projects.


            #563 – Unauthorized Spring-Summer Teacher Hires - $1,100,000 – Funds will approved for payments of a stipend of $100 each for up to 11,000 teachers hired after the war without approval from the national Ministry of Education.  The majority of the teachers have performed some work during the late spring and over the summer. 


            #562 – Government of Iraq Renovation Completion  † Funds were approved for the purchase of new carpet and upgrading the electrical power supply for the fifth through the eleventh floors of the Iraqi Governing Council building. 



            Under authority delegated to the Board, the Board approved the following two actions:


            #560 – Dump Truck for Local Public Works Departments † Funds were approved under the Rapid Regional Response Program for the purchase of dump trucks for the municipalities’ public works departments. A total of 18 trucks will be purchased; three to each province capital in the south central region.  Approval is subject to a final determination that donor resources are not available for this purchase and that operating & recurring costs can be sustained.


            #559 – Pickup Trucks - † Funds were approved from the Rapid Regional Response Program for the purchase of pickup trucks for the fire departments to transport their EOD teams and equipment. A total of 26 trucks will be purchased. Approval is subject to a final determination that donor resources are not available for this purchase and that operating & recurring cost costs can be sustained.



            *It was noted that PRB#556 – Iraqi Civil Defense Corp Bridging Fund was approved by Ambassador Bremer for $1,702,500 instead of the full amount approved by the Board on November 15, 2003. Also noted was that PRB#554 would be funded through existing funds available under the Construction Initiative Program.


† Where the publication of approved funding levels may prejudice the competitive contracting processes, these amounts will be redacted.













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