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Program Review Board (PRB) Minutes Oct. 18, 2003



*David R. Oliver                                 Chair/ Director, Office of Management & Budget

*Chris Milligan                                   USAID           

*Neil Melett                                       Representative of the government of Australia

*Nick Harvey                                     Representative of the UK Government

*Andy Bearpark                                 Dir of Operations & Infrastructure

COL Paul Hough                                CPA Comptroller      

COL Tony Bell                                   CPA Head of Contracting Activities

*LTC Terry Ross                               Coalition Joint Task Force-7 Deputy Comptroller

*George Wolfe                                    Director, Economic Development

*Maura Connelly                                Representative of Governance

*Walt Slocombe                                  Director, Office of Security Affairs

 COL Mike Kirsch                              Director of Operations Chief of Staff

 James Carrera                                     Pentagon - CPA Management Liaison Cell

 Al Runnels                                         CPA CFO

 Gerald B. Thompson                         Office of Security Affairs

 Corey Monaghan                               Office of Security Affairs

 LTC Randy Richardson                     Dep. Sr Advisor Electricity

 Hank Bassford                                   CPA Baghdad

 Edward Burley                                   Ministry of Interior Borders

 MAJ Scott Johnson                           Coalition Military Assistance Training Team           

*Voting Members


The October 8, 2003 and October 11, 2003 minutes were approved.


The CPA Comptroller passed out the Funds Status Report as of October 18, 2003. It was noted that all DFI funds from the sale of oil in 2004 are committed to fund the Iraq 2004 Budget.


The following Funding Requests were considered by the Board for recommendation to the Administrator:


#522 New Iraqi Army Facilities - $ 115,000,000

#523 New Army Life Support - $57,800,000

#524 New Iraqi Army Base Support Unit Equipment - $1,800,000


             The three requests were discussed as a group. The requests were being generated because of the planned increase in the size of the New Iraqi Army to 7 battalions within one year instead of two years, and the need to start contracting by Nov 15, 2003 to support the acceleration.  Due to the pending supplemental which fully funds the accelerated schedule, the Board set these requests aside.







#518 CPA Electrical Priorities for TF Restore Iraqi Electricity - $111,000,000 The Board discussed this request again.  The Board continues to support the programs but still had concerns with the funding of the program.   After extensive discussion, the Board tabled the request until the next meeting.


#530 FY 03 Supplemental: Oil for Food in North - $106,400,000 Funds were approved to continue the contracts for goods and services that were being funded by the UN Oil for Food program in the North region.  These funds are budget neutral as these funds will be eventually recaptured in OFF refunds.


#533 USAID Incremental Funding - $67,200,000 Funds were approved to continue the funding of essential contracts including infrastructure, health and education, economic

governance, local government, technical support and the Office of Transition Initiatives.  These funds come from USAID's previous approved allocation out of the Iraq Reconstruction and Relief Fund.


#532 Emergency Infrastructure Program (IEP) for Southern Iraq - $43,000,000 The request was approved for the funding of projects to restore essential services in Southern Iraq and will complete the program endorsed by CPA to help relieve tensions in that region.   The program will secure tangible and sustainable improvements in the sectors of electricity, water and sanitation and essential commodities of fuels and cooking gas.


#501 Emergency Equipment Iraqi Border Patrol - $7,722,000 LTC Burley of the Ministry of Interior briefed the Board.  The Board requested that the requirement could be resolved by reprioritizing within the Ministry of Interior.  However, the Ministry of Finance will fund the Border Police salary requirement which heretofore had been paid out of Commander's Emergency Response Program funds. 






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