Program Review Board Meeting - Summary of Actions August 12, 2003


Attendees: Sherri Kraham Chair

*Chris Milligan USAID

Jessye LaPenn Min of Trade/ Oil for Food

*Neil Mules Australia

*Andrew Ockenden UK Rep

COL Paul Hough CPA Comptroller

LTC Bob Pelletier Min of Trans & Comm


MAJ Steve Hopper CJTF-7

COL Michael Toner CJTF-7 C8

Al Runnels CPA CFO

*Walt Slocombe NS&D Senior Advisor

*Tom Krajeski CPA/ Governance

*Andy Bearpark CPA DIROPSINF

*Peter McPherson Economic Development

*Marek Belka CIC/CPA

Lee Evey Min of Housing & Construction

LTC Andy Hughes CPA General Counsel


The Board approved a motion to publish the results of Board meetings, however, in cases where publication of the approved funding level could reflect a potential contract award amount, the amount will not be published so as not to prejudice the contract award.*


The Chief Financial Officer briefed the status of available funds: a new deposit of $48M from oil proceeds into the Development Fund of Iraq (DFI) account, which holds a current balance of $1.4B. Balance of all accounts, less current commitments, is $2.1B. Board members had a brief discussion about the status of the Oil-for-Food contract review process, which will not be concluded for some time.


The Board reviewed and approved the following funding requests for recommendation to the Administrator:


-- Iraqi Civil Defense Corps, $19.6M Total support costs for the Corps which includes salaries and subsistence requirements for 18 battalions of 850 soldiers each, which will be under the command of Coalition forces.

-- MANPADS Weapons Buyback Program, $1M This supplements a previous allocation of $500,000 for this activity.

-- Security for the Governing Council, *A contract will be awarded for the purchase of security equipment for the Governing Council building. This amount will be applied against the budget now being created for the Governing Council.

-- Iraqi Railroad Security Contract, $36,667 This will support an extension of an additional month until the Facility Protection Service provides a guard force to the railroad.