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Program Review Board (PRB) Minutes – Dec. 20, 2003



*Rodney Bent                                      Chair/Co-Director Office of Management & Budget

*Frederick C. Smith                             Acting Senior Advisor for the Office of Security Affairs

*Kurt Fuller                                          USAID

*Howard Pittman                                 Governance (designee)

*COL Nolen Bevins                             Representative of Office of Operations & Infrastructure                                                             (Designee)

*COL M. Toner                                   Coalition Joint Task Force -7, Comptroller

*Andrew Goledzinowski                       Council of International Coordination (Designee)

  COL James Behring                           CPA – Comptroller

  COL Tony Bell                                   CPA – Head of Contracting Activities

  Patricia Hatcher                                  PMO/DCAA

  MAJ Todd Gondeck                          Coalition Joint Task Force – 7, Deputy Comptroller

  Mary Beale                                        CPA - Program Management Office – Budget Officer

  COL M. Mulhern                               CPA – Ministry of Finance

  Hugh B. Tant                                      Iraqi Currency Exchange Office

  Sandra Ellis                                        Office of Security Affairs

  Toni Wainwright                                 Office of Security Affairs

  BG Peter Williams                              CPA – South

  Robert Abley                                      CPA – South

  Andrew Alderson                               CPA – South

            *Voting Members



The following Funding Requests were considered by the Board for recommendation to the Administrator:


            #592 – Poultry Production Oil for Food Contracts - $16,783,775 - The request was approved to fund three Oil for Food contracts for the Ministry of Agriculture that was left off the Priority List submitted to the UN.  These three contracts are essential to stand up the poultry industry of Iraq. 


            #593 – New Iraqi Army Equipment for the 5th & 6th Battalion - †  The Board discussed the problems of approving DFI now before the Supplemental is available.  The NIA will end up with two more battalions of different equipment from the four battalions already fielded and will be different from the rest of the battalions that will be funded by the Supplemental.  The Board agreed to defer until next week’s meeting.


            #594 – Iraqi Currency Exchange Supplement - $10,000,000 - Additional funds were approved to provide funds to continue the ICE operations for an additional 42 days. The additional days will be used for the verification/destruction of the old Iraqi currency.


            #590 – CPA(S) Integrated Security Sector Reform - † The request was to fund the purchase Sector Security Equipment (radios, police cars, pick-up trucks, boats and ancillaries) to provide the communication, mobility, and protection for Police, Border and Riverine patrols.  The request also was to fund the construction of 4 Provincial Joint Communications Centers and 13 permanent Border Denial Points.  The Board recommended $2.5M for the purchase of the boats and all the accessories for the river patrol force only. The Board postponed the rest of the items until it can be determined whether any of them are in the Supplemental. 


            #591 – Agricultural College Abu Ghraib - †  The request was approved to fund contracts to rehabilitate the Agricultural College in Abu Gkraib under the supervision of CPA- Ministry of Agriculture.  The contracts will repair and furnished two dormitories, finish construction on the horticulture science building, and establish a computer lab and internet connection so the college can communicate with other colleges and universities around the world. 


            #596 – Iraqi Counter-Terrorism Training Program - $300,000 – The request was approved to reimburse CPA Chief of Staff Emergency Fund Account.  The $300k was used to fund the necessary catering contracts for the Iraqi Counter-terrorism Force candidates starting December 20, 2003 and then the contracts for catering for the selected group that will be trained in Jordan for the following three months. 


            #595– EIP 60 MW Power Generation Al Muthanna - †  The request is to fund the two projects that were deferred on PRB #532. The projects would provide stable power to Al Muthanna Governorate and a cement factory that provide jobs for over 850 Iraqis.  The Board requested that CPA – South coordinate with the Ministry of Electrically and then the Board would reconsider the proposal next week.



† Where the publication of approved funding levels may prejudice the competitive contracting processes, these amounts will be redacted.



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