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Program Review Board (PRB) Minutes Sep. 25, 2003



*Sherri Kraham Acting Chair Director, Program Review Board

*Nick Harvey Representative of the UK Government

COL Paul Hough CPA Comptroller

COL Tony Bell CPA Head of Contract Activities

COL Michael Toner Coalition Joint Task Force-7 Comptroller

LTC Terry Ross Coalition Joint Task Force-7 Deputy Comptroller

Al Runnels CPA Chief Financial Officer

*Gerald Thompson Representative of National Security and Defense

*Andy Bearpark CPA Director of Operations

*George Wolfe Director, Economic Development

*Suzanne Schaffrath Representative of CPA - Governance

LTC Andy Hughes CPA General Counsel

COL Mike Kirsch Director of Operation

*BGEN Jon A.Gallinetti Coalition Joint Task Force-7 Deputy Commander

MAJ Peter Bruotte Representative of the Ministry of Education

Jack Rintoul Senior Advisor, Ministry of Housing and Construction


*Voting Members



The following Funding Requests were approved by the Board for recommendation to the Administrator:


#498 - School Refurbishment in the South, $888,000 Spending authority was approved for CPAs South region to fund this project under the Construction Initiative program. These funds will be used to provide $500 grants to 1776 of the 2200 schools in the South which have not been renovated under CPA or other programs. Payments will be disseminated in the form of a grant to parent teacher associations, as was successfully implemented elsewhere in the country, where the program generated a great deal of positive activity from the community including the contribution of free labor. The Board approved, conditional upon the provision of a monthly report to the PRB (and Ministry of Education) on the status of the project. The project will be overseen by CPA-South Region.


#493 Public Information Campaign Back to School and Salary Scale - $53,500 Funds were approved for two public information campaigns - $50,000 for (undated) materials related to the opening of primary school and the importance of getting children in school and $3,500 to supplement a previous request for dissemination of information about the new government salary scale.


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