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Businesslike Government
Businesslike Government

The Blair House Papers
The Blair House Papers

Access America
Access America

Getting Results Through Learning
Getting Results Through Learning

National Partnership for Reinventing Government
(formerly National Performance Review)

Updated January 20, 2001

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NPR Publications
Access America E-Gov E-zine
Accomplishments Summary, 1993-2001
Clippings, Electronic
Conversations with America
Customer Service Standards
EEO Task Force
Employee Survey
Executive Orders
Federal Executive Board Reports and Papers
Federal-State-Local Partnerships
Game: Test Your Reinvention IQ
General Accounting Office Reports
G-Gov -- Linking Information and Place
Government Performance and Results Act (GPRA)
Hammer Awards
Hassle-free Service
High Impact Agencies
History of NPR
Information Technology
Miscellaneous Reinvention Documents
News Releases
NPR Services and Organization
Office of Management and Budget Guidance
Outside Reviews of the National Performance Review
Presidential Directives
Recommendations Database
Regulatory Reinvention, Spring 1999 Update
Regulatory Sector Reports
Reinvention Express
Reinvention Labs/Waivers
Reinvention Quiz
Reinvention Regulation
Reinvention Tools
Reinvention Roundtable
Vision, Mission, and Strategies
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