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Government's customers are winning big time in the reinvention revolution. In 1993, based on a recommendation of Vice President Gore's National Performance Review, President Clinton issued an executive order that called on federal agencies to put customers first. The President asked for a customer-driven government that matches or exceeds the best service available in the private sector. He also asked agencies to develop customer service standards-- service guarantees to the American people.

In that year, only three federal agencies--the Social Security Administration, the Internal Revenue Service, and the United States Postal Service--committed to customer service standards. Things are different now. In the latest NPR report below, Putting Customers First, '97, you'll find 4,000 standards for 570 federal departments, agencies, organizations and programs. Today most agencies are beyond just setting standards, they are putting those standards to work.

Customer Group Files
The report is organized by customer groups--beneficiaries, veterans, business, for example. Many standards apply to more than one kind of customer. That means the customer group files are large and may take several minutes to access fully. However, you should be able to scroll to see the great variety of services and service commitments to the American people.

Database Search
The best way to explore is to use the database search engine. Type in words or phrases such as 800 number, passport, highway, exports, nutrition, employment, statistics, historic preservation, Medicare, or children and families. In some cases, you will have to scroll to find the bolded words you are looking for.

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