Businesslike Government
October, 1997
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The story of reinventing government is first and foremost the story of 1,900,000 public servants striving, reaching, struggling to serve America. No large institution in America has a more dedicated or more competent workforce.... This year's report focuses on an unheralded success: the way government is learning from the most successful American businesses. Dozens of companies furthered the reinvention effort by sharing their successful practices and working with us to implement them in the federal government. The report highlights the achievements of these companies that have been emulated in the federal workplace...
Al Gore

What Business Leaders Are Saying

Table of Contents

  1. Incorporating Change
    Better government is coming to your neighborhood --soon

Key Principles

  1. Taxpayers are Customers Too
    Business teaches government about customer service

  2. Creative License
    Unleashing the creative power of government employees


  1. Cutting Waste and Red Tape
    Making taxpayers' money go further

  2. Scream Savers
    Technology is saving taxpayers time and money

  3. Do the Right Thing
    Regulators are more effective in partnership with industry

The Future

  1. Show Me the Reinvention!
    Believe that government has been reinvented when you see it


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