National Partnership for Reinventing Government

2000 Announcements

12/29/00: Trust in Government
12/26/00: Successes of the Hammer Award Program
10/16/00: Pilot Program Shares the Cost of Personal Cell Phones for Government Use
10/12/00: Brownfields Redevelopment Initiative Receives Innovations in American Government Award
10/12/00: HUD HOPEVI Program Receives Innovations in American Government Award
7/24/00: September 30 Is Deadline for Hammer Award Nominations
7/07/00: Win $50,000 for Innovative E-Gov Proposal
6/26/00: We're Giving Our Website a Face-Lift
6/24/00: President Clinton Announces Portal to Government Services
6/1/00: Twenty-One Federal Initiatives Named Semifinalists for Innovations Awards
6/1/00: Plain Language: The Judges' Perspective
5/30/00: Help Us Build a Reinvention Museum
4/7/00: NPR's Greatest Hits, 1993-2000
1/24/00: 2nd Annual Government On Display Exposition at Mall Of America
1/7/00: Federal Websites Featured in Washington Post Story

1999 Announcements

11/25/99: Forcing Change - Using the Catalytic Mechanism
11/04/99: Second Annual Federal Employee Survey Is Now Under Way
10/15/99: Free Seminar, "Government and Media: Perception and Reality,"
9/15/99: Featuring High Impact Agencies: Fight Floyd
8/10/99: Government-wide Customer Satisfaction Survey is Underway
8/6/99: Naval Sea Systems Command Will Move Two Teams to Private Sector
7/13/99: Information SafeCities Network
June 1999: Fast Company Magazine: Here's How GSA Changed Its Ways
5/19/99: Bob Stone's Farewell to Reinventors
5/13/99: Council for Electronic Government Announces Scholarship Program
5/10/99: NOAA Weather Radio: A Lifesaver for the Cost of a Pair of Shoes
4/26/99: Veterans Benefits Administration Employees Get Vice President Gore's Plain Language Award
4/20/99: USIA-Chaired Interagency Working Earns Vice President Gore's Hammer Award
4/8/99: Army Reinvention Lab Wins New Jersey Quality Award
4/8/99: Reinvention Spotlight: EPA's Sustainable Industry Program
3/30/99: Treasury Department Franchise Wins World Class Innovation Award
02/01/99: Budget of the United States Government, Fiscal Year 2000
1/11/99: Boost for Children Federal Register Notice--Performance Partnerships with State and Local Government for Results for Children
1/8/99: Vice President Gore's National Summit On 21st Century Skills for 21st Century Jobs Is January 12

1998 Announcements

12/21/98: Vice President Gore Presents Sixth No Gobbledygook Award to FEMA Employees
12/21/98: Hammer Award Feature, December 1998 Pollution-Prevention Van Hits the Road
12/09/98: An Open Letter to Federal Workers from the Vice President of the United States
12/7/98: Warner Robins Team Wins Hammer Award for Streamlining Sole Source Acquisitions
10/23/98: Vice President Gore Congratulates 1998 Federal Innovations in American Government Winners
10/22/98: Navy's Technology Transfer Program Wins $100,000 Innovations in American Government Award
10/07/98: President Signs Law Establishing First Performance-Based Organization
08/05/98: Vice President and Al Franken Present 2nd No Gobbledy Gook Award
7/31/98: Connecting Fathers Conference is Aug. 27-28
OPM Streamlines Agency Personnel Reporting Requirements
Congress Creates Performance-based Organization, July 14, 1998 (Commercial link used with permission)
4/22/98: Statement by Vice President Gore on E-Rate Applications for Schools and Libraries
3/3/98: It's Our Fifth Anniversary!
3/3/98: Conversations with America
3/3/98: Vice President Gore's Message for Federal Workers on Reinventing Government
2/4/98: NPR Releases New Benchmarking Reports
1/29/98: High Impact Agencies: Reinventing Agencies That Touch The Most People

1997 Announcements

6/17/97: BTG And PointCast Announce A Government Edition Of The PointCast Network (used with permission)
02/06/97: President Clinton's Message to Federal Employees

1995 Announcements

Open Letter to Federal Employees from President Clinton and Vice President Gore
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