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September 1998

Introduction to the Database

The (then) National Performance Review’s September 7, 1993 report, From Red Tape to Results, contained 384 major recommendations. Of these, 254 were directed to major government agencies and 130 were directed to reforming governmentwide management systems such as budget, procurement, financial management, and personnel. Separate accompanying reports detail the background for these recommendations and breaks them into about 1,250 specific action items. NPR’s 1995 report, Common Sense Government, added over 180 new recommendations.

Until March 1998, NPR tracked the implementation of these specific action items by asking agencies to report on their progress every six months. NPR summarized the highlights for the Vice- President each spring and published a summary in a report to the President each fall through 1997. NPR also provided the full text of all the status updates provided by the agencies to the General Accounting Office which periodically reviews the accuracy of agencies’ self-reported progress. The GAO’s assessment of progress in implementation has been published in two major studies, Management Reform: Implementation of the National Performance Review’s Recommendations, 12/5/94, (GAO/OCG-95-1) and Management Reform: Completion Status of Agency Actions Under the National Performance Review, 6/12/96, (GAO/GGD-96-94).

NPR no longer tracks the 1993 and 1995 recommendations because the majority of them have been implemented, sometimes in ways that we could not foresee. The years have also brought new challenges and new ways to address old issues.

Users Guide

The status reported in this version of the database is based on reports from the implementing agencies provided in March 1998. Some of the Initiatives have been updated to reflect legislative activity through March 1998. The narratives are written largely in abbreviated technical language; the associated accompanying report should provide additional context for understanding the status narrative.

Please note that the existence of a bill pending in Congress containing an NPR initiative does not necessarily mean that the administration supports all provisions of that bill.

For a fuller description of the individual initiatives, please refer to the associated accompanying report in our library (1993 NPR Systems Reports and 1993 NPR Agency Reports).

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