Federal-State-Local Partnerships

Background on Oregon Option
Clinton Admin. Has Forged New Partnerships with States and Localities
Local Empowerment and Flexibility Act (S.88)
Federalism Selected Bibliography
Intergovernmental Grant Consolidation and Flexibility
Managing Results: Initiatives in Select American Cities
Memorandum of Understanding Connecticut Neighborhood Revitalization Partnership
NPR Recommendations Affecting Services to Children and Families
NPR Recommendations Affecting States and Localities
Performance Partnerships: Summary/Principles
Selected Links to Initiatives Related or Similar to the Oregon Option
State and Local Exemption to Federal Advisory Committee Act
1994 Status: NPR Intergovernmental Recommendations
1994 Status: Strengthening Partnership In Intergovernment Service Delivery
1996 Status: Strengthening the Partnership in Intergovernmental Service Delivery
The Oregon Option
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