Miscellaneous Reinvention Documents

10/06/00: Reinventors Have Their Say on the Electronic Town Hall Wall
11/04/99: Skills for a New Century: A Blueprint for Lifelong Learning, a report of the Workforce Development Leadership Group
10/27/99: Savings Associated with the National Partnership for Reinventing Government (formerly the National Performance Review)
8/2/99: Federal Welfare-to-Work Commitments and Hires
7/15/99: Reinventors Have Their Say on Electronic Town Hall Wall
3/18/99: Worldwide Perspective on Reinventing Government
12/09/98: Federal Employees Speak Out: Employee Survey Results (Full Report)
12/09/98: Federal Employees Speak Out: Employee Survey Results (Summary)
What Companies Are Saying about Reinventing Regulation
The New Work Environment
Frequently Asked Questions about Customer Survey Clearance and the Paperwork Reduction Act
Frequently Asked Questions about Managing for Results and the Government Performance and Results Act
Frequently Asked Questions from the Internal Revenue Services' Leaders Digest
5/26/98: 90 Resources in 90 Minutes
Project Management for Mission Critical Systems (1997)
Report: INTERNAL WEB SITES FOR GOVERNMENT: Using Intranet Technology to Revolutionize Your Agency December 8-9, 1997
02/05/97: OSHA's Maine 200 Program Goes Nationwide
November 1997: Vice President Gore Joins Defense Secretary Cohen in Announcing More Streamlining (used with permission of Federal Managers Association)
8/18/97: Sources of Information About Implementing the Government Performance and Results Act
Executive Learning Lab April 7, 1997
Getting Results Through Learning, May 1997 (the "little green book" published by the Human Resource Development Council)
Phenomenon of Interagency GPRA Groups in the Washington, DC Area
Report on the Reinvention Revolution Conference April 7 - 9, 1997
A Report on the US Institute of Peace Conference, Virtual Diplomacy, April 1-2, 1997
Interagency GPRA Groups in the Washington DC Area
10/25/96: Reinvention Revolution Town Hall Wall (Used with permission of Government Executive Magazine)
Report on Reinventing the Department of Defense, September, 1996
Computers For Education - A Federal Agency Guide to Executive Order 12999
EPA Customer Service Report
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