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History of the National
Partnership for Reinventing

Our Vision for the Future
America @ Our Best

Our Mission

In time for the 21st century, reinvent government to work
better, cost less, and get results Americans care about.

Our Goal

Trust in Government

Outcomes NPR Is Pursuing

Working with federal agencies and its outside partners, the National Partnership for Reinventing Government is pursuing a series of outcomes it will achieve by January 1, 2001. These six outcomes are centered around:

  • providing the best customer service;
  • increasing electronic access to government, or E-Gov;
  • achieving outcomes no one agency can achieve alone;
  • and embedding reinvention in government 's culture.

Provide the Best Customer Service

Achieve customer satisfaction with federal services equal to or better than the business service sector, as measured by the American Customer Satisfaction Index (ACSI).


Develop an architectural design to enable Americans to have access to all government information and be able to conduct all major transactions on-line by 2003.

Achieve What No One Agency Can Achieve Alone

Provide all Americans a seamless learning and employment system to get the job skills they need to be successful in the 21st century.

Help states achieve their goals of universal health insurance for children.

Achieve dramatic reductions in gun violence.

Embed Reinvention

Ensure reinvention is part of the permanent culture of our government.

Our Values

  • Community--We foster teamwork, partnerships, and collaboration
  • Courage--We take risks to achieve results
  • Creativity--We seek out and reward new ideas and innovation
  • Integrity--We practice
  • Diversity--We respect and celebrate differences
  • Enthusiasm--We are passionate about making a difference
  • Service--We provide our customers with products and information they want and need

For More Information

National Partnership for Reinventing Government
750 Seventeenth Street NW, Suite 200
Washington, DC 20006
Customer Service Desk - (202) 694-0001
Voice Mail - (202) 632-0150
FAX - (202) 632-0390

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