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For Federal, State, Regional, and Local Communicators
by the Federal Communicators Network*


Table of Contents

"Vigorous writing is concise."

- William Strunk


Are You a Bureaucrat?

Chapter 1 - Keeping Current

Latest Communication Trends
The Changing Media Landscape
Get Your Point Across
Make Your Job Vital - How to Market Your Work
Distance Learning

Chapter 2 - Working With the Media

What Do Reporters Want?
Building Media Relationships
What to Do When a Reporter Calls
Media Interviews
Use Plain Language
Do These at the Interview
Never Do These
At the Interview

Chapter 3 - Planning

Writing Communications Plans
Strategic Planning - Preparing to Meet the Future
Crisis Communications: Planning to Attack the Crisis Before it Attacks
Communicating Risk
Measuring Your Effectiveness

Chapter 4 - The Internet

Writing for the Web: Tricks of the Trade
Make Your Web Site Customer Friendly
Push versus Pull

Chapter 5 - How To Do It

Writing Awesome and Effective News Releases
Tip Sheets/Fact Sheets/Questions and Answers
Background Papers
Earned Media - Coverage on a Shoestring
Satellite Media Tours
Producing an Agency Newsletter
Editing Your Newsletter
Elements of Good Writing
Tailoring Your Message
Product Marketing - Selling Your Stuff
Effective Meetings
Effective Speeches
Add Style to Your Next Speech
How to Deliver Effective Speeches
20 Tips to Overcoming Fear of Public Speaking

Chapter 6 - Tools of the Trade/Resources

Chapter 7 - Contributors

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