NPR Library - Presidential Directives Related to Reinventing Government


Presidential Directives

Executive Orders

Executive Order 12861: Elimination of Exec. Branch Regs
Executive Order 12862: Setting Customer Service Stds
Executive Order 12863: Presidents Foreign Intel. Advisory Board
Executive Order 12864: Advisory Council on the NII
Executive Order 12866: Regulatory Planning and Review
Executive Order 12870: Trade Promotion Coordinating Committee
Executive Order 12871: Labor-Management Partnerships
Executive Order 12873: Fed. Acquisition, Recycling and Waste Reduction
Executive Order 12875: Enhancing Intergovernmental Partnership
Executive Order 12878: Commission on Entitlement Reform
Executive Order 12881: National Sci. and Tech. Council
Executive Order 12882: Pres. Comm. on Science and Technology
Executive Order 12898: Env. Justice for Minority Populations
Executive Order 12902: Energy and Water Conservation
Executive Order 12906: Coordinating Geographic Data Access
Executive Order 12928: Promoting Procurement with Small Businesses Owned and Controlled by Socially and Economically disadvantaged Individuals, Historically Black Colleges and Universities, and Minority Institutions
Executive Order 12931: Federal Procurment Reform
Executive Order 12958: Classified National Security Information
Executive Order 12972: Amendment to Executive Order No. 12958
Executive Order 12981: Administration of Export Controls
Executive Order 12988: Civil Justice Reform (Encourage Alternative Dispute Resolution When Enforcing Regulations)
Executive Order 12999: Computers For Education
Executive Order 13011: Federal Information Technology
Executive Order 13048: Improving Administrative Management in the Executive Branch
Executive Order 13100: President's Council on Food Safety
Executive Order 13111: Using Technology To Improve Training Opportunities for Federal Government Employees
Executive Order 13180: Air Traffic Performance-Based Organization

Presidential Memoranda

12/17/99: Memorandum for the Heads of Executive Departments and Agencies on Electronic Government
6/1/98: Memorandum on Plain English in Government Writing
5/26/98: Memorandum on Actions to Further Improve Financial Management
5/14/98: Presidential Memorandum, on Privacy and Personal Information in Federal Records
5/01/98: Presidential Memorandum, Interagency Committees on Use of Alternate Means of Dispute Resolution and Negotiated Rulemaking
4/22/98: Presidential Memorandum on Strengthening Our Commitment to Service
4/21/98: Presidential Memorandum on Streamlining the Granting of Waivers
3/03/98: Conducting "Conversations with America" to Further Improve Customer Service
7/1/97: Presidential Memorandum, Electronic Commerce
4/8/97: Presidential Memorandum, Government Employment for Welfare Recipients
3/8/97: Government Employment for Welfare Recipients
6/21/96: Implementing Federal Family Friendly work Arrangements
9/12/95: Federal Career Transition Assistance for Federal Employees
9/12/95: Federal Career Transition Assistance for Federal Employees
6/16/95: Supporting the Role of Fathers in Families
4/24/95: Waiver of Penalties and Reduction of Reports
3/23/95: Presidential Memorandum, Improving Customer Service
3/8/95: Presidential Memorandum, Heads of Performance Measurement Pilot Projects
3/4/95: Presidential Memorandum, Regulatory Reinvention Initiative
1/3/95: Vice Presidential Memorandum, Announcing Phase II of NPR
10/13/94: Presidential Memorandum, Federal Procurement
7/11/94: Expanding Family-Friendly Work Arrangements in the Executive Branch
4/26/94: Presidential Memorandum, Env. Practices on Fed.Grounds
2/11/94: Presidential Memorandum, Env. Justice for Minority Populations
10/26/93: Presidential Memorandum, Streamlining Procurement Through EC
10/4/93: Presidential Memorandum, Administration of Freedom of Infomation Act
10/1/93: Presidential Memorandum, Implementing Management Reform
9/30/93: Presidential Memorandum, Negotiated Rulemaking
9/30/93: Presidential Memorandum, Agency Rulemaking Procedures
9/30/93: Presidential Memorandum, Report of Regulations Reviewed
9/11/93: Presidential Memorandum, Streamlining the Federal Workforce
9/9/93: Presidential Memorandum, The President's Com. Enterprise Board
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