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Updated January 16, 2001

Star1/16/01: Sample Decision Tree for Analyzing Agency Programs

Star1/14/01: Members of Campaign to Reinvent Government Packing Up, Not Giving Up

Star1/12/01: History of the National Partnership for Reinventing Government

Star1/12/01: G-Gov -- Linking information and place in the Information Age

Star1/11/01: NPR Director Morley Winograd's Remarks at Hammer Award Ceremony and Alumni Event

Star1/8/01: GovExec: Clinton Administration Awards Last Plain Language Prize

Star1/8/01: Agriculture's Waivers of Internal Rules for Reinventors

Star12/29/00: Trust in Government

Star12/26/00: Successes of the Hammer Award Program

Star12/22/00: The Washington Post: Customer Ratings Up for Federal Agencies

Star12/18/00: Remarks by Michael S. Messinger at State Department Hammer Award Ceremony

Star12/15/00: Federal Employees Like Their Jobs, Survey Says

Star12/14/00: Survey Shows Federal Government As a Better Place to Work

Star12/8/00: Afternoon Keynote Address at the Second Annual Government & Media: Perception & Reality Seminar

Star12/8/00: Second Annual Government & Media: Perception & Reality Seminar

Star12/08/00: Always Leave'Em Laughing! (Game 20)

Star12/01/00: Reinvention Potpourri (Game 19)

Star11/20/00: Are You Customer Service Savvy? (Game 18)

Star11/13/00: Rewarding Reinvention! (Game 17)

Star11/06/00: Hooray for the HIAs! (Game 16)

Star11/2/00: Best Feds on the Web Winners Announced

Star10/30/00: Test Your Reinvention IQ (Game 15)

Star10/23/00: Test Your Reinvention IQ (Game 14)

Star10/18/00: "All-Hands Award" Ceremony Is a Yard Triple Header for Coast Guard

StarReinventing Government: Status of NPR Recommendations at 10 Federal Agencies (GAO/GGD-00-145) September 2000 (PDF)

Star10/16/00: Test Your Reinvention IQ (Game 13)

Star10/16/00: Agencies on Reinvention: Mission Accomplished

Star10/16/00: Pilot Program Shares the Cost of Personal Cell Phones for Government Use

Star10/12/00: Brownfields Redevelopment Initiative Receives Innovations in American Government Award

Star10/12/00: HUD HOPEVI Program Receives Innovations in American Government Award

Star10/9/00: Test Your Reinvention IQ (Game 12)

Star10/6/00: Best Practices in Achieving Workforce Diversity (PDF Version)

Star10/06/00: Reinventors Have Their Say on the Electronic Town Hall Wall

Star10/2/00: Testimony at Congressional Hearing on FirstGov

Star10/2/00: Test Your Reinvention IQ (Game 11)

Star9/30/00: Government Kiosk Is Launched in Broomfield, Colorado

Star9/28/00: Council for Excellence in Government: E-Gov Poll by Hart-Teeter

Star9/28/00: Defense Buys Computers Through Online Auction

Star9/25/00: Test Your Reinvention IQ (Game 10)

Star9/18/00: Test Your Reinvention IQ (Game 9)

Star9/11/00: Test Your Reinvention IQ (Game 8)

Star9/05/00: Reinvention Express Calendar Updates

Star9/04/00: Test Your Reinvention IQ (Game 7)

Star9/1/00: A Taste of Reinvention from the FAA Logistics Center

Star8/31/00: Wins Hammer Award

Star8/28/00: Test Your Reinvention IQ (Game 6)

Star8/23/00: OSHA Software Is Finalist in Innovations in American Government Award

Star8/21/00: Test Your Reinvention IQ (Game 5)

Star8/14/00: Test Your Reinvention IQ (Game 4)

Star8/7/00: Government Computer News: Popular White House Web site has a new face

Star8/04/00: Test Your Reinvention IQ (Game 3)

Star7/31/00: Test Your Reinvention IQ (Game 2)

Star7/27/00: Interactive Kiosk Brings Government to Local Community

Star7/24/00: September 30 Is Deadline for Hammer Award Nominations

Star7/24/00: Test Your Reinvention IQ (Game 1)

Star7/11/00: FEMA Director Describes Agency's Reinvention

Star7/10/00: Government Computer News: NPR launches Web site geared toward workers

Star7/10/00: Vice President Gore Announces New Website

Star7/07/00: Win $50,000 for Innovative E-Gov Proposal

Star7/05/00: Eight Agencies Honored for Peak Performance

Star6/30/00: FirstGov Web Portal to Launch by October

Star6/29/00: FirstGov Web Portal Seeks to Brand Federal Information

Star6/29/00: Excellence in Government 2000 Conference is July 11-13

Star6/26/00: Mapping the Way to the 21st Century: Remarks at Hammer Award Ceremony by NPR Deputy Director Pamela Johnson

Star6/26/00: We're Giving Our Website a Face-Lift

Star6/24/00: President Clinton Announces Portal to Government Services

Star6/22/00: VA Team Gets Hammer Award for Innovative Medication System

Star6/21/00: USDA Reinventor Wins Top Good Housekeeping Award for Women in Government

Star6/21/00: Federal Government Gets Interactive in Dallas

Star6/21/00: INS Kiosk Puts Government Data Online at East Dallas Store

Star6/21/00: Administration Takes Another Look at Executive Evaluations

Star6/01/00: Twenty-One Federal Initiatives Named Semifinalists for Innovations Awards

Star6/01/00: Plain Language: The Judges' Perspective

Star5/30/00: Help Us Build a Reinvention Museum

Star5/18/00: The National Institutes of Health Earns the Hammer Award With Innovations in Business-to-Business E-commerce

Star5/9/00: NPR Directory Morley Winograd's Remarks to the Veterans Health Administration Conference

Star5/5/00: Government Computer News: National Institute of Health Takes Attendance Online

Star4/11/00: Vice President Gore announces 13 Partnerships to Increase 21st Century Skills

Star4/10/00: Patent Office Ends Time Sheets, Expands Flex Schedule

Star4/7/00: NPR's Greatest Hits, 1993-2000

Star4/6/00: NPR Director Morely Winograd Presents Plain Language Awards

Star4/6/00: Federal Employees Recognized for Using Plain Language

Star4/4/00: Commerce Deputy Pushes E-Government Reform

Star3/31/00: Federal Agencies Pledge Changes Based on Employee Survey

Star3/29/00: Vice President Gore Announces Child Support Waivers to Promote Responsible Fatherhood

Star3/28/00: Agencies Should Follow FEMA's Lead, Scholar Says

Star3/27/00: NPR Director Morley Winograd Presents Hammer Award to USDA Team

Star3/22/00: Making a Comeback

Star3/16/00: Agencies Endorse Performance Management Principles

Star3/15/00: Remarks by NPR Director Morley Winograd to OPM Strategic Leadership

Star3/15/00: Two U.S. Office of Personnel Management Reinvention Efforts Win Hammer Awards

Star3/10/00: Task Force Readies Report on EEO Practices

Star3/3/00: SafeCities Network Meets, Launches Website

Star3/3/00: Deadline for eGov Call for Nominations Is March 31

Star3/1/00: NASA Ranked Best Place to Work in Government

Star2/29/00: High-Impact Agencies Get Management Grades

Star2/28/00: Entrepreneurs Automate Interior HR Processes

Star2/24/00: Morley Winograd's Remarks to the Health Care Financing Adminstration All Staff Meeting

Star2/17/00: A Simple Touch; Bedford (TX) Kiosk Puts Residents in Contact with Government

Star2/17/00: IOWAccess Teams Win Hammer Award

Star2/16/00: Media Advisory: Government Services Easily Accessible in One Location in Bedford, TX

Star2/14/00: OSHA Partners with Contractors

Star2/8/00: Postal Service Receives Hammer Award for Diversity

Star2/2/00: Air Force Simplies Quality Process

Star2/1/00: The End of Reinventing Government As We Know It

Star2/00: Report to the President's Management Council on Managing Performance in the Government

Star1/26/00: -- A Q & A with President Clinton

Star1/25/00: Business Solutions in the Public Interest

Star1/24/00: 2nd Annual Government On Display Exposition at Mall Of America

Star1/7/00: Federal Websites Featured in Washington Post Story

Star1/00: Results Rule

Star12/28/99: Annual Performance Report Is Strategic Opportunity

Star12/13/99: Index Rates Satisfaction With Government Services

Star12/9/99: A New E-zine about Reinventing Government

Star12/8/99: Morley Winograd's Remarks at Media Seminar

Star12/8/99: Government & Media: Perception & Reality Seminar

Star12/2/99: New "Product Improved" U.S. Business Advisor Gives Firms More Options, Faster Service

Star11/25/99: Forcing Change - Using the Catalytic Mechanism

Star11/22/99: Vice President Gore Announces Selection of 10 Communities to Form "SafeCities Network" to Reduce Gun Violence

Star11/12/99: Industry, Government Leaders Come Together to Assess "E-Gov"

Star11/04/99: Vice President Al Gore Announces New Public-Private Partnerships to Offer Workers 21st Century Skills

Star11/04/99: Skills for a New Century: A Blueprint for Lifelong Learning, a report of the Workforce Development Leadership Group

Star11/04/99: Second Annual Federal Employee Survey Is Now Under Way

Star11/1/99: Tree Enterprise

Star10/27/99: Administration to Unveil Interagency Task Force to Improve Federal Government EEO Process

Star10/27/99: Savings Associated with the National Partnership for Reinventing Government (formerly the National Performance Review)

Star10/26/99: Agencies Prepare First-Ever Annual Reports

StarReinvention Express, October 24, 1999, Vol. 5, No. 5

Star10/22/99: 'Customer Service', the New Frontier

Star10/20/99: GovExec: Best Feds on the Web '99

Star10/15/99: Free Seminar, "Government and Media: Perception and Reality," Set for December 8

Star10/13/99: 21st Century Workforce, by Office of Personnel Management Director Janice LaChance

Star10/6/99: New "Unified Plan" Cuts Red Tape, Spurs State and Local

Star10/2/99: Vice President Al Gore Praises Social Security Employees for Plain Language Rewrite of "Your Social Security Statement"

Star9/17/99: Immigration and Naturalization Service High Impact Agency Goals

Star9/15/99: Featuring High Impact Agencies: Fighting Floyd

Star9/1/99: Assessing the Risks of commercial-Off-The-Shelf (COTS) Applications [Preview Version] (Word 97 Version) (PDF Version)

Star9/1/99: World Peace Would Be Nice, But We'll Settle For A 'Hassle-Free Community'

Star8/26/99: Agency Welfare-to-Work Reports, 1999

Star8/25/99: Reinventing Environmental Protection

Star8/20/99: Agencies Get Better GPRA Ratings for New Plans

Star8/18/99: Balancing Measures: Best Practices in Performance Management

Star8/10/99: Government-wide Customer Satisfaction Survey is Underway

Star8/6/99: Naval Sea Systems Command Will Move Two Teams to Private Sector

Star08/03/99: Remarks By the President at National Forum on Welfare to Work

Star8/2/99: Vice President Gore Announces Federal Government is Doing its Share in Moving Families from Welfare to Work

Star8/2/99: The Federal Welfare-to-Work Initiative

Star7/20/99: Vice President Gore Praises NASA Employee for Plain Language Rewrite of Sarety and Health Handbook

Star7/19/99: Reinvention Express, Vol. 5, No. 4

Star7/16/99: Reaching for the Stars, remarks by NPR Director Morley Winograd at Hammer Award Ceremony for NASA/Air Force Team

Star7/15/99: Reinventors Have Their Say on Electronic Town Hall Wall

Star7/12/99: Crime Mapping Report

Star7/12/99: Vice President Gore and Attorney General Reno Announce Report on High-Tech Crime Reduction Strategies

Star7/12/99: A Request for Proposals to Express Interest in Becoming a Local Partner in SafeCities Network

StarGPRA Groups in the Washington, DC Area (June 1999)

Star6/29/99: Coast Guard Project Is Reinvention Lab

Star6/21/99: Vice President Gore Announces New Initiative to Educate New Generation of Community Builders

Star6/21/99: Vice President Gore Launches New Information Network to Help Cities Reduce Gun Violence

Star6/19/99: Reinvention Express, Vol. 5, No. 3

Star6/14/99: Federal Sites Among Most Popular on Web

Star6/4/99: Vice President Gore Praises FDA Employee for Publishing Plain Language Information on Women's Health

Star6/1/99: GovExec: Government Gears Up for Huge Customer Survey

Star6/1/99: Fast Company Magazine: Here's How GSA Changed Its Ways

Star5/27/99: Rio Grande Valley One Stop Capital Shop Receives Vice President's Hammer Award

Star5/27/99: Food, Nutrition, and Consumer Services Website Features Leadership 2000 and Beyond

Star5/26/99: Vice President Gore Launches First Government-wide Customer Satisfaction Survey

Star5/20/99: Citizens' Electronic Inquiries Get Governments' Attention

Star5/19/99: Reinvention Express, Vol. 5, No. 2

Star5/13/99: Vice President Gore Announces 13 Partnerships to Improve the Well Being of Children

Star5/13/99: Council for Electronic Government Announces Scholarship Program

Star5/10/99: NOAA Weather Radio: A Lifesaver for the Cost of a Pair of Shoes

Star5/6/99: EPA's Partners for the Environment

Star5/5/99: Vice President Gore Announces the Parent's Protection Page

Star5/3/99: Reinvention Express

Star4/30/99: Hammer Award Highlights for March - April 1999

Star4/26/99: Veterans Benefits Administration Employees Get Vice President Gore's Plain Language Award

Star4/22/99: GovExec: HUD Procurement Reforms Are Working

Star4/20/99: USIA-Chaired Interagency Working Earns Vice President Gore's Hammer Award

Star4/16/99: "Conversations with America" Continues to Get Results

Star4/14/99: Pat Wood's Remarks on Reinvention Websites to the 8th Annual Federal Depository Library Conference

Star4/14/99: SSA's Goals for the Year 2000

Star4/13/99: GSA/USWEST Partnership Gets Hammer Award for Blue Pages Project

Star4/12/99: GovExec Gore Honors International Exchange Efforts

Star4/8/99: Army Reinvention Lab Wins New Jersey Quality Award

Star4/8/99: Reinvention Spotlight: EPA's Sustainable Industry Program

Star4/7/99: FEMA Updates Reinvention Goals for the Year 2000

Star 3/30/99: Remarks by the President to Electronic Industries Alliance

Star3/30/99: Treasury Department Franchise Wins World Class Innovation Award

StarFor Managing Information Systems: A Practical Assessment Tool (Word) (PDF)

Star3/18/99: GovExec: 'Energizer-in-chief' leaves legacy of reinvention

Star3/18/99: Worldwide Perspective on Reinventing Government

Star3/15/99: Fort Benning Wins Georgia's Highest Award for Quality

StarOffice of Student Financial Assistance Customer Service Task Force

Star3/11/99: Vice President Gore Unveils New Safety Labeling Requirements for Over-the-Counter Medications

Star3/11/99: Vice President Gore Unveils New Labeling Requirements for Over-the-Counter Medications (fact sheet)

Star3/10/99: Vice President Announces Airline Passenger Fair Treatment Initiative

Star3/9/99: Vice President Gore Announces Access America Online Magazine

Star3/8/99: Bus Delivers Hassle-Free Services in Kansas and Missouri

StarFAA Personnel and Procurement Flexibilities (P.L. 104-50--Nov. 15, 1995)

StarInternal Revenue Service Reform Legislation, 1998

Star02/27/99: Civil Service Reforms May Include Buyouts, Pay Hikes

Star02/23/99: Access America for Seniors by NPR Director Morley Winograd

Star02/23/99: ZDNet: Gore's Virtual Government Goal Unveiled

Star02/23/98 Fact Sheet on Insure Kids Now Campaign

Star02/23/99: Vice President Gore Announces Seniors to Benefit from New One-Stop Access to Government Services

Star02/23/99: Dallas Veterans Get Hassle Free Service Center

Star02/22/99: Transportation's Conversations with America Page

Star02/19/99: Lasting Power of Partnerships by NPR Director Morley Winograd

Star02/19/99: The Culture Change Speech by Bob Stone

Star02/17/99: Hammer Awards Highlights

StarCNN.Com IRS Becoming More User Friendly, February 15, 1999

Star02/09/99: "Conversations With America" Gets Results

Star02/08/99: Vice President Gore Unveils 1999 National Drug Control Strategy

Star02/06/99: Government on Display Expo Team Gets Hammer Award at Mall of America

Star02/03/99: Performance-Based Organizations Back in Style

Star02/01/99: Reinvention Express Special, February 1, 1999

StarReinvention Is In Fiscal Year 2000 Budget

Star02/01/99: State Governments, Federal Agencies, Graded on How Well They Run

StarArmy's 1998 Reinvention and Quality Initiatives Report

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