3/8/99: Bus Delivers Hassle-Free Services in Kansas and Missouri



National Partnership for Reinventing Government

Bus Delivers Hassle-Free Services in Kansas and Missouri

In rural communities of Kansas and Missouri, where few if any federal government offices exist, the Internal Revenue Service is using a bus to deliver hassle-free services to taxpayers in the 1999 tax season. The bus has made its rounds every other week since mid January.

Photo of the Hassle-Free Bus

IRS has also created a partnership with both states so that state income tax services are included. The IRS partnership, not to mention the bus, is just one piece of a larger Kansas City "hassle-free community" pilot sponsored by the National Partnership for Reinventing Government. The pilot was kicked off in Kansas City, Missouri, on January 20.

Kansas City, Missouri Mayor Emanuel Cleaver, Federal Executive Board Chair Ormer Rogers, and Kansas City Hassle-Free Team leader Bill Johnson cut the "red tape" to launch a partnership between the local Hassle-Free Community Initiative and the Kansas City Focus Centers. Focus Centers are located in various neighborhoods of the city. Twenty federal, state, and local government agencies are participating in the initiative, which will develop seamless delivery of the most-wanted customer services in both Kansas City, Missouri and Kansas City, Kansas.

The next day the Kansas City Star carried the story "Service with a smile" and a picture of Social Security Administration employee D. Toralf Lie helping customer Valerie Tucker make a name change on her social security card in her own community.

Hassle-Free Pilots

Kansas City is one of three "Hassle-Free Community" pilot projects announced by Vice President Gore on December 4 at the National League of Cities Conference.

The other two pilots are in Dallas-Fort Worth and Seattle. "Get the government out of office towers and back into the communities," the Vice President said.

For More Information

For more information about hassle-free services in Kansas City, contact Bill Johnson at 816-926-2194 or Billy Johnson@nitc.usda.gov.

For Dallas-Fort Worth, contact Liz Salih at Liz.salih@gsa.gov. For information about the hassle-free initiative, contact Phyllis Anderson at phyllis.anderson@npr.gov or Anna Doroshaw at anna.doroshaw@npr.gov.

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