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Special Edition!

Turn Around

President's Quality Award Program
-Merit Award Winner-2000

Revised-June 2000 ISO 9002 Certified
President's Quality Award
Program-Merit Award 2000


Special thanks to all FAA Logistics Center employees who continue to sample these and other innovative recipes.

A Taste of Reinvention

Cooking Terms for Reinvention Kitchen
I. Preparing the Kitchen Basic (Strategic Plan) Focaccia Partnering with the Workforce
Shopping for Decorating Ideas & Cooking Ingredients (Benchmarking)
The Clueless Cook (Benchmarking)
Cost of Reinvention II. Main Dishes
Communicate, Communicate, Communicate
Communication Omelet
Cooking at Home (Inhouse Expertise)
Fat Free Yogurt
Cooking for your Reinvention Party (Management Strategy)
The Whole Enchilada
The Secret is in the Roux (Characteristics of Leaders)
Quality dishes (ISO 9000)
Beer Battered Reinvention Fillets
Chaos and Risktaking in the Kitchen (Effects of Change)
Change Passion Sauce
Low Hanging Fruit (Quick Success Strategies)
Quick Success Pork Chop Recipe

III. Presentation
World Class Customer Service
Diversity Chili
Cooking at Home: Elegant Egg Frittata
Organizational Values Biscuits

Collecting Green Stamps (Incentives & Rewards)

V. Just Desserts

Cheesecake by Stages (Stages of Development)
Flavor of the Month
Just Plain Flan

VI. Appetizers

VII. Remodeling The Kitchen

Recent Reviews
Reinvention Recipes

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