March 30, 1999

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(202) 906-6229


The Federal Quality Consulting Group, a federal franchise activity within the U. S. Treasury Department, today received the George Land World Class Innovator Award for 1998, in Stuart, Florida. The Land Award, sponsored by the Innovation Network and Fast Company Magazine, is the only award honoring organizational innovation. The Federal Quality Consulting Group won the award for exhibiting creative and imaginative approaches in operating the government's internal consulting firm. A group of highly motivated federal senior executives on loan from various federal departments, the Group inspires, energizes, and helps federal leaders accelerate change to become customer-focused, high-performing government organizations.

In presenting the award, Mr. Land said, "I am so pleased that federal leaders have the Federal Quality Consulting Group to help them as they lead our government's renewal. Unleashing creative capacity is a daily occurrence for the Federal Quality Consulting Group. They empower individual responsibility and self fulfillment in the federal leaders who are their customers, replacing the anchor of the past with the pull of the future."

"We are passionate about our work, and depend on an innovative culture of strong trust and shared values to meet our customers' needs", said Tina Sung, elected director of the group. "We have an enormous task. Our customers require us to be highly flexible and to maintain a high tolerance for risk. They look to us, as fellow public servants, to collaborate with them in creating new models of government service that are high performing and customer driven."

At a panel discussion following the award presentation, Ms. Sung added, "To develop a creative corporate culture, we made sure our jointly developed values were reflected in our performance. With that as a foundation, we are free to explore, create, build relationships, and be truly accountable for results. We draw out each other's unique gifts and capitalize on the diversity of our working, thinking, and leadership styles to help federal leaders create an entrepreneurial government that produces results Americans care about.

The Land Award honors long-term, broad-based efforts to increase organizational innovation. It is named in honor of George Land, CEO of Leadership 2000, author of Grow or Die and co-author of Breakpoint and Beyond. He has helped organizations become more innovative for over 30 years, and is now working in several countries around the world to help their change efforts. Previous winners of the award include The Clorox Company Research & Development, Dell University, Lucent Technologies, Marshall Industries, Washoe Health Systems, and the Smithsonian Institution.

The award was established by the Innovation Network, an international, professional association of business leaders dedicated to helping organizations become more productive through the use of innovation and creativity. Judging for the award is based on the organization's description of its innovation initiative, in-depth response to specific questions related to the organization's environment, vision and training efforts, as well as recommendations from customers and suppliers.

The Federal Quality Consulting Group is the successor to the Federal Quality Institute. FQCG consultants offer a tailored approach to consulting and expert facilitation services, emphasizing relationships, implementation, and positive outcomes. For further information about FQCG, call (202) 906-6068, or visit their website at

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