6/29/99: Coast Guard Project Is Reinvention Lab


U.S. Department of Transportation
Office of Public Affairs
Washington, D.C.
Thursday, June 24, 1999
Contact: Lt. Cmdr. Gary E. Bracken
Tel.: (202) 267-6210

Coast Guard Deepwater Acquisition Project Designated as Government Reinvention Laboratory

The Coast Guard's comprehensive approach to designing and obtaining its next fleet of ships, aircraft and communications systems was recognized in a letter from Secretary of Transportation Rodney E. Slater to Vice President Al Gore.

The Coast Guard's Deepwater Capability Replacement Project was formally designated a Reinvention Laboratory under the National Partnership for Reinventing Government in the Secretary's June 8 letter. Deepwater was recognized for planning an entire asset acquisition -- ships, aircraft, communications and technology -- as one coordinated system rather than a series of distinct procurements. The project is a vitally important priority to the Coast Guard, the federal government and the American taxpayers due to the need to replace aging assets and maintain the Coast Guard's ability to perform its national security missions.

"Under President Clinton and Vice President Gore's leadership, we've dramatically reformed the way we carry out the people's business," Secretary Slater said. "The Deepwater project will enhance America's national security by helping the Coast Guard perform its duties with maximum efficiency and savings to the taxpayer."

The Deepwater project employs a unique procurement method in which competing teams design systems to meet a specified set of performance requirements. Rather than focusing on specific equipment, the Coast Guard describes the capabilities needed to perform its missions and allows contractors to determine which assets - such as ships and aircraft -- best meet these requirements.

Reinvention Laboratories are empowered to test new ways of doing the government's business, and then share their ideas, successes and lessons across government.

The National Partnership for Reinventing Government is the Clinton-Gore administration's initiative to reform the way the federal government works.

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