Council for Electronic Government Announces Scholarship Program

President Clinton has directed the Office of Management and Budget to issue a regulation, (March 1999) as part of the fiscal 1999 omnibus appropriations bill, that all government agencies must offer services electronically within 3 years. With this mandate in place, Government agencies must acquire as much information on Electronic Government as possible and be well on the road to implementing the solutions in the near future.

The Council for Electronic Government believes the upcoming E-Gov 99 Conference will be the catalyst that many of these agencies will use to learn about the options that are available to them to resolve their Electronic Government demands.

E-Gov 99 is being held at the Washington Convention Center, Washington DC, June 28 through July 1, 1999.

The conference features 16 tutorials and 60 conference sessions, which are led by more than 200 government and industry information technology leaders.

I would like to draw your attention to the many free educational programs offered to government professionals especially our 6 keynote speakers:

  • The Honorable William M. Daley, Secretary of Commerce
  • The Honorable David J. Barram, Administrator, General Services Administration
  • Mr. Charles B Wang, Chairman and CEO, Computer Associates International, Inc.
  • Dr. Vinton G. Cerf, Sr. Vice President, Internet Architecture and Technology, MCI Worldcom
  • Mr. Morley A. Winograd, Sr. Policy Advisor & Director, National Partnership for Reinventing Government, Office of the Vice President
In order to ensure that this important event receives maximum attention the Council for Electronic Government is asking for your guidance in helping disseminate information about E-Gov 99 to your staff or by identifying the persons within you agency we might contact for this purpose.

In appreciation of your support we are requesting you to nominate a staff member to receive a scholarship to attend the E-Gov 99 conference.

Please email and tell us how many conference brochures you will need or who we can contact within your agency for this purpose, don't forget to nominate a staff member for the scholarship to attend E-Gov 99. If you have questions contact Eric at 703-471-8520 ext. 208.

On behalf of the Council for Electronic Government we thank you for helping government meet President Clinton's mandate. Please visit our website at


Israel Feldman
Mary Ellen Geoffroy
E-Gov 99 Conference
Chair Director
Government Programs

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