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Second Annual Employee Survey Is Now Under Way

If you received a 1999 Employee Survey and have not yet completed and returned it, please do so today. It's not too late. Completed surveys will be accepted through November 19.

The National Partnership for Reinventing Government and the U.S. Office of Personnel Management are partners again in the second annual employee survey now under way throughout the federal government. This year, nearly 33,000 randomly-selected Federal employees have the opportunity to respond and make a difference in our government.

How Survey Results Will Be Used

In addition to providing the Vice President and agency leaders with immediate feedback on the progress of government reinvention, the data gathered from the survey will become part of OPM's Performance America database. Performance America is a tool that enables NPR and OPM to continually assess government reinvention progress by comparing the federal government to similarly surveyed private sector organizations. The database also serves as a baseline for future surveys.

Background: First Government-Wide Employee Survey Yielded Useful Results

Who knows how to find and fix the problems in government better than government employees themselves? No one, according to Vice President Al Gore. That's why, in the summer of 1998, he directed NPR, the OPM, the Merit Systems Protection Board, and a host of federal agencies to survey government employees nationwide to see if they were satisfied with the progress being made in reinventing the federal government. Surveys were sent to 34,400 randomly-selected employees, and nearly 14,000 responded.

What were the results of that first government-wide employee survey? Simply stated, reinvention works, but we have a long way to go. We know from the experiences of private sector organizations that large-scale reinvention takes many years. So, in Federal government organizations that make reinvention a priority, there was strong agreement that real progress is being made. These agencies are putting customers first and empowering employees to meet customer expectations. In agencies that are not yet fully on-board in their reinvention efforts, the survey results showed where improvements are needed.

If You Have Questions

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