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June 19, 1999 Vol. 5, No. 3 - reinvention news from NPR - new stories about electronic government every Monday - virtual headquarters of the Federal Communicators Network

An Information Sheet for Federal Communicators, Managers, Workers, and Their Partners--Pass It On

Let's Brainstorm Online Before the Excellence in Government Conference

The Excellence in Government '99 Conference will be in Washington, DC, July 13-15. But why wait until the conference to tap into our collective knowledge base? Why not get the ball rolling before July 13?

Conference sponsors have set up an open-ended discussion area on the conference website that will probe your mind on the state of reinvention and quality improvement in government today. Post your comments on this electronic discussion forum called the electronic town hall wall. This forum is at

Also vote in the weekly online poll and see cumulative results instantaneously. Tell others!

Family Re-Union 8 Will Be Cybercast
You can watch Vice President and Mrs. Gore moderate this annual broadcast June 21 and 22 on a desktop computer with an Internet connection. You will be able to down load the software, but it will not be available until June 21. Get information about the cybercast and the free software at Full information about Family Re-Union is at

September 8-9 - Strategic Compensation Conference: Improving Results Through Effective Pay, Classification, and Performance Management
This conference in Alexandria, VA will provide federal managers and HR specialists with updates, forecasts and practical information about the total federal compensation environment. Learn how to reward employee performance in a way that will support your agency's mission and strategic objectives. Cost $475. For more information or to register, call OPM's Total Compensation Policy Center at (202) 606-8486, email, or visit

Charles Roggero Gets Two Emmys
The Academy of Television Arts and Sciences awarded two Emmy Awards, the highest honor in television, to Charles Roggero of the Social Security Administration. At the Regional Emmy Awards Dinner on June 12, Charles (who represents SSA at the National Partnership for Reinventing Government) was recognized for excellence in producing and directing a public service announcement, "The Future of Social Security." If you would like to borrow a copy, please contact Michael Messinger at (202) 694-0048 or

Gaebler and Others Write Sequel to "Reinventing Government"
It has been more than six years since David Osborne and Ted Gaebler wrote the best-selling "Reinventing Government." This book became a blueprint for federal government reinvention led by Vice President Gore. "Now," says Ted Gaebler, "it is time to raise the bar."

The recently published sequel, "Positive Outcomes: Raising the Bar on Government Reinvention," documents the progress of specific reinvention programs, including the then National Performance Review (now the National Partnership for Reinventing Government.). It also provides a multimedia guide for government managers and interested citizens to continue successful, on-going reinvention towards performance-based outcomes.

The book -- by Ted Gaebler and co-authors John Blackman, Linda Blessing, Raymon Bruce, Wallace Keene, and Paul Smith -- is part of a one-of-a-kind multimedia learning environment. The entire package includes the book, a CD-ROM, and access to a Web site dedicated to the book ( "We wanted to make the information in the book available in a variety of formats to make it easier for a larger audience to see how successful government reinvention works," said co-author John Blackman.

New software available in the multimedia package provides innovative computer model simulations of government management business applications that demonstrate reinvention programs in use. Content includes various reinvention perspectives and methodologies. These include organizational and cultural change, activity-based cost management, outcome-based planning and performance measurement, and performance-based government management.

The book compares these approaches, and evaluates their effectiveness in four case studies--Federal Prison Industries, the early National Performance Review; the State of Pennsylvania's PRIME Program, and the State of Arizona's Child Support Enforcement Program.

"Positive Outcomes: Raising the Bar on Government Reinvention" will be available at the Excellence in Government 99 Conference (see above). You may also contact the publisher, Chatelaine Press, at 703-569-2062 or 800-249-9527. Also visit or

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