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  The President's Commission on Improving Economic Opportunity in Communities Dependent on Tobacco Production While Protecting Public Health completed its work on May 18, 2001.  Please do not submit comments.  If you are experiencing technical difficulties with this site, please let us know.

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Note: All comments after 1/29/01 will be posted on the Preliminary Reports page. Click the "Submit" link above or Click "Reports" on the side bar to your left to go to this page. Thank you.


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Tobacco Commission - Comments Received
Alternative crops to tobacco - Christopher McGuire, 10/19/00 6:40PM
     Re: Alternative crops to tobacco - Barry, 10/25/00 3:44PM
Tobacco alternatives - Harry L. Norton, 10/22/00 10:40PM
Burly Tobacco Quota System - Burly Producer, 10/23/00 10:42AM
Tobacco Letter that was sent to all my Govt. Representatives including the President - Larry K. Roe, 10/25/00 08:14AM
Alternatives to Tobacco - Jeff Beckington, 10/25/00 11:02AM
Tobacco Crops & Public Health - Kathleen Collomb, 10/25/00 7:45PM
     Re: Tobacco Crops & Public Health - Arnold Hamm, 10/28/00 11:20AM
Commission - Joe S. Reams, III, 10/27/00 9:50AM
the commission - s g ullerich, 10/30/00 11:00AM
Tree Farming for Kentucky - Kentucky, 10/30/00 2:17PM
Keep Price Support and allow movement of quota to growers - Victor J. Youngblood, 11/1/00 3:31PM
Keep Quota in the hands of the Grower - L. Eddie Gilkison, 11/3/00 11:29AM
     Re: Keep Quota in the hands of the Grower - You're Lucky, 11/4/00 6:05PM
          Re: Keep Quota in the hands of the Grower - L. Eddie Gilkison, 11/13/00 10:19AM
               Re: Keep Quota in the hands of the Grower - You're Lucky, 11/14/00 7:21AM
Keep Tobacco in the hands of the Producer - Louis Smither, 11/6/00 12:47PM
Urgent - Joe S. Reams, III, 11/6/00 9:29PM
Family farms and restructure of tobacco program - Gayle Arnold, 11/7/00 9:30AM
Minimizing Aflatoxin on Tobacco as a Value Added American Crop - Kerry S. Lane, 11/13/00 10:19AM
Tobacco - Kiley Christensen, 11/13/00 10:19AM
protecting public health and providing economic stability to our rural communities - Sue Lachenmayr, 11/13/00 10:19AM
Tobacco Issue - Holly DeClerk, 11/13/00 10:19AM
American Lung Association of Virginia Comments - Donna Reynolds, 11/13/00 10:19AM
Tobacco -, 11/10/00 9:22AM
core principles - Joe S. Reams, III, 11/20/00 7:29AM
Tobacco program -, 11/21/00 7:29AM
Buy Out - K. Johnson, 11/22/00 10:29AM
Tobacco Program - Ben Estes, 11/27/00 7:29AM
Price of Cigarettes - Joe Reams, 11/27/00 7:30AM
Data Collection on Leaf Production and Use in Tobacco Products - Scott D. Ballin, 11/28/00 10:39AM
Recommendations Concerning Agricultural Contracts - Laura Klauke, 12/01/00 12:39AM
     Re: Recommendations Concerning Agricultural Contracts - Jeff Beckington, 12/04/00 7:39AM
Economic Development for Tobacco Producing Areas - John Stockton, 12/04/00 1:57PM
Solution, Tobacco growers/ Quota owners - Graham Quinn, 12/04/00 1:57PM
Survey - J. Reams, 12/05/00 2:49PM
Maintain tobacco program - Robert Caldwell, N C State Grange, 12/15/00 7:11AM
Issue One - Mac Thompson, 12/15/00 4:24PM
Issue Two - Mac Thompson, 12/15/00 4:25PM
Tobacco: Death Wish? For Whom? - Aldridge Farms, 12/18/00 7:18AM
Farm - Adam, 12/18/00 9:40AM
Stabilized??? - Joe Reams, 12/19/00 3:31PM
Tobacco Grower Problems - Ledley Baxley, 12/19/00 3:31PM
Addendum, Solution tobacco growers / quota owners - Graham Quinn, 12/21/00 3:07PM
TOBACCO - Richard M. Johnston, 12/22/00 9:21AM
Tobacco Farmer: Hear Our Cry! - Ware County Young Farmers Organization, 12/23/00 2:16PM
Import Tobacco - Concerned Citizen, 12/25/00 10:22AM
Tobacco Grower Crisis - C.L. Talley, 12/27/00 2:09PM
Addictive Cigarettes - Rosemary Aldridge, 12/27/00 3:14PM
It's Almost Too Late - Bewildered, 1/7/01 10:01AM

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