Stabilized??? - Joe Reams 12/19/00 3:31 PM

When I hear these folks who aren't tobacco farmers talk about what we need it bothers me.  Yes, the tobacco program is the only thing that has kept us out of the toilet so far.  And yes, we didn't get a cut this year.  But stabilized?  We're "stabilized" at half of our production.  How stable is that?  If you are a tobacco farmer that is okay with that kind of stability please submit your remarks.  If you are some other interest who thinks you know what's best for the tobacco farmers and your proposal would, coincidentally, serve your interests perfectly, please butt out. No matter what all these "farm groups" are saying, I still haven't met a tobacco farmer who didn't want a buyout.  We've seen our income cut by 50% (while the debts stay the same) and we realize less tobacco will be needed now, so we likely won't be getting it back and it's also likely we're going to lose more before it's over.  Let's quit talking about "tweaking" the program and concentrate on what's ALREADY happened.