Burly Tobacco Quota System - Burly Producer, 10/23/00 10:42 AM

 I have been producing burly and dark tobacco for the last 20+ years. In 1996 I purchased 4000 lbs. of burly tobacco base. The program's success over the last 30 yrs. has been altered by public opinion and perception.  As a tobacco producer with thousands of dollars in capital improvements, equipment, purchased quota and way of life. The Federal Government has waged war on tobacco companies and the extra tax burden has hurt the poor people that are addicted to tobacco and the farmers that are producing a legal crop. To keep production in this country, pay the producers for our quota, do away with a federal tobacco quota system, and let the companies contract directly with growers. Don't worry about the communities or alternative crops.  Pay the producers for the tremendous dollar loss as a result of current tobacco policy. The farmers who have suffered the losses are creative and will diversify if they are paid for the loss of quota.