Tobacco Grower Crisis - C.L.Talley 12/27/00 2:09 PM  

Dear Tobacco Commission:
I would like to state my feelings concerning the Tobacco Crisis in my
My wife and I have spent our life savings purchasing Tobacco Pounds. This is
our savings, our retirement and our future. Now that we have acquired these
Tobacco Pounds our government has cut them by 53 percent. If something is
not done by the year 2003, all will be depleted. I cannot stress to you
enough what this reduction of Tobacco Pounds will do to our community, our
state, our country and us.

The Bill of Rights protects our Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of Happiness.
This same government that willed this Bill of Rights is now depriving me
of these very rights for which it was written. The United States Government
is taking my life away by reducing the Tobacco Pounds that I have bought with
my hard earned money.
Since the introduction of NAFTA and GATT, the American Farmers wealth has
been reduced greatly, while the Tobacco Companies have flourished. Now, the
American Farmer is paying dearly for it by Government cutbacks in pounds and
the companies purchasing tobacco elsewhere. The Companies will always make theses products whether they purchase it from America or over seas and the
United States Government still gets it Taxation, while the American Farmer
I understand the impact that tobacco products have had on our Country's
health. This is a choice that the people have made. Like driving a car,
drinking alcohol and eating at a near by fast food establishment. I, the
American Farmer, am being barred from making a living. I am 65 years of age.
I cannot start over. I have paid my taxes and served My Country. All I ask
from you is to allow us to make an honest living.
C. L. Talley