RE: Keep quota in hands of growers - You're Lucky, 11/14/00 7:21AM

"Why should I pay for the privilege of growing tobacco to a person who agrees he makes his living another way and he only wants to reserve the privilege of being able to raise tobacco but he wants his sixty cents per pound. I'm sure it's in his financial interest to lease out his quota and leach from the grower. Without the grower he would have to raise the quota or lose his quota - "your lucky" is a parasite."

Why should you pay for the privilege? because I bought and paid for the quota, thats why. I own it!

Do you suggest that I grow it like some of the larger producers that just hire Mexicans to do all the work for them? Or would it be better if I grow it myself and leave the person I lease to without enough quota to maintain the loans he has taken out to raise such a large base?

I'm hardy a parasite, and look forward to eventually growing my own when the profit margin improves. Hopefully, we can work together to get the farmer( the real farmer, no farm managers) a larger percentage of retail sales.